YouTube Channels Deleted!

Crossdressing mutant freak, “Theresa Tam” looking as stunned as ever!

Yes, along with several Facebook accounts, I have also deleted my YouTube accounts, as they, like my Facebook accounts, were heavily censored by the socialist left-wing admins that infest and pretty much control what are really mouthpieces for the communist regime that is rapidly taking over North America.  Pretty much any comment I made, no matter how benign, would not see the light of day, especially if it were in criticism of some leftist moron’s views.  It has pretty much become impossible to speak one’s mind in the company of perverse and immoral trolls that are prolific, these days, infesting most social media platforms.

I will continue to use videos from this platform to illustrate my views, free from censorship and, of course, utilizing the same ruthlessness as do those admins in regulating potential troublemakers/trolls and I will continue to screen all comments and/or edit them where I deem it necessary, as these fools have nothing worthwhile to say, anyway.  Any legitimate commenters need not fear abuse from these morons, they will be cut off at the knees and rendered inert.

That said, the latest news from that crossdressing mutant Freak Theresa Tam is that she/he/it is monitoring the spread of her/his/it’s latest imaginary viral variant, “Lambda” and “fears” it may come to Canada.  Don’t kid yourselves, this dried-up mummy masquerading as a health professional is all set to exact further totalitarian measures, now that the deadline for a supposed mask and social-distancing-free province is approaching.  There is still a large segment of the population that hangs upon every action and word of this mutant and will continue to hamper any efforts that thinking people make to oppose these globalist control-freaks from totally subjugating this country.  These are the TRUE enemies of freedom and as I have often said in past posts, all of these should be purged from any true patriot’s circle of friends and family.  They are a rotting cancer and should be dealt with as such!

Time won’t allow me to set up a separate page dedicated to exclusively monitoring the words and actions of this immoral mutant oligarch, but, I will continue my ‘mutant-watch’ as well as continue to expose these globalist criminals at every step… free from interfering admins and their cowardly troll sidekicks!

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