Better DEAD Than Red! (“Red”… as in Liberal/Communist!)

Or… better THEY are dead, because, that’s what it’s going to take to rid ourselves of these commie vermin.  We’re going to have to start killing off a few of these scumbags to send a message to the others… we don’t want your perverse Satanic ideologies, so, if you’re going to try pushing them, you’re going to pay the price!

Having no sense of moral decency, the crazed left will stop at NOTHING to try and overthrow society.  Themselves, dupes of a criminal oligarchy using them as pawns to help bring in their world-wide, Satan-inspired centralized government, they, in turn, will be thrown under the bus when their usefulness is over.  Most, though, are and will be so stupid as to their fate that they will in all likelihood go down defending their own murderers.  That’s how stupid a leftist is!  Do you have any in your household… circle of friends?  GET RID OF THEM!!!  Having Cancer is preferable to having these around… and, certainly, DO NOT let them near your kids!!!

I hope and pray for a civil war in this country, so that we, as citizens, can legally kill all these communist bastards!  I mean, the government has been doing just that for generations, so where is the harm in decent folk helping take out the garbage?  Even a war is preferable to watching the nation going down under communism.  Yes, it’s time!  Time to take responsibility for something that is clearly beyond the capacity of our government… our personal freedoms!

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