Another False Flag To Add To The List!

You really don’t think that this event in the Suez canal was an ACCIDENT… do you?

They say that it won’t be long before the rest of the world realizes the economic impact from this debacle… but, is it REALLY  a debacle or is it just another globalist-planned crisis like the Covid scam to further fuck with society and bring it to a grinding halt at their feet?  It’s the latter, folks, you can bet the farm on it.

These megalomaniacal bastards know no restraints, their plans for world government have been in the works for thousands of years, a multi-generational scheme to control it ALL.  Up to now, their movements have been relatively slow, but, things are heating up fast.  They know the time is ripe for the take-over, society has never been more compliant than it is, today.  People will believe anything and put up with anything rather than resist.  They have been coddled and spoiled for too long and now cannot even dream of an existence apart from their beloved materialistic lifestyle made possible by their elitist masters and herd managers.  Billion$ in traded goods are being detained at the port and what better way to drive up prices and make trillion$ in reparations and bail-outs than to create an artificial recession… they did it in ’08 and they’re doing it now, with Covid and this bullshit ‘accident’.

Facts are, you cannot trust a banker or their fat-cat industrial and political lackeys, they are ALL in it for the $$$, the higher-up’s in it out of service to their satanic masters.  The Rothschild family have a very close relationship with Satan and it is by and large his genius that they operate under.  What human could ever engineer all of the wars and false flag operations that have occurred throughout history with such remarkable success?  Satan’s war with God has been on since before the creation and with the drama drawing to a close, Satan is desperate to take total control over the planet.  While his influence has always been strong, he still cannot assume total and uncontested control, though his insanity will not allow him to see his battle is lost.  He and his minions and slaves are all but consigned to the fiery inferno that will consume and cleanse this tired old earth in preparation for the establishment of the TRUE New World Order under God Almighty.  (See Revelation Chapters 20 & 21)  The last moves will be swift, we’ve seen more happen in the way of social change in the last 10 years than all throughout history, beforehand.

Yes, anything the media reports is obliged to be scrutinized and judged.  They cannot be trusted to present untainted reports on anything, being bought-and-paid-for by their oligarchical masters.  It would be fair to say that if one never listened to any major news network report on anything but to know what they are up to and where, they’d be better off.  Glean only that which is expedient to know and then shut them off!  Like a serpent mesmerizing a bird, the longer the bird stares, the better it’s chances of getting eaten!


10 responses to “Another False Flag To Add To The List!

  1. You’re 100% on this shit. Every time they start talking about gun control, it sets off something in one of the nut-jobs, and suddenly a bunch of people get shot. Every time. These people must be programmed for it.

    And you’re right about the banksters and thousands of years of planning for taking over. With this stupid plandemic and all of these people fall all over themselves getting in line for a jab of what will keep them from getting this forsaken deadly virus that kills less people than the flu every year.

    They have people at each other’s throats about not wearing a friggin mask that won’t stop shit anyway.

    Then you have all these people thinking if they behave like the globalists want, they might be spared the fate of the rest of us. Those people are so dumb, they can’t see or believe that the people they are trying to please, will be so unimpressed by their actions and humbling before them, those will be the first to go. there is no honor in brown nosing, and screwing over your fellow humans. It only makes those people untrustworthy because they sell out their own.
    What can people expect out of the likes of George Soros, Rothschild, Goldman?

    Gates calls us useless eaters, and walks around like he is the savior. Useless eaters?

    I was looking through the Zoning laws and here, they even have plans referred to as the 2025 plan, the 2030 plan and the 2035 plan. It shows that they don’t plan to keep the streets in certain areas paved, or bridges in certain areas in driveable condition.
    In fact, it talks about pouring a lot of money into the Parks of the area, and refers to the “stakeholders”, which are not the citizens of this state.
    Ok, you get the ideal Things are getting crazy and are going to get a hell of a lot worse!

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    For your information.

    Another set up situation by the GLOBALISTS. That is why the in that part of the world theseignoramuses can’t get their heads out of the sand because their brains continue to get stuck in neutral.


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