The Fearmongering Continues… Agenda 21 In Full Swing!

The corrupt Canadian Government is a snake pit of Communism.  Justin Trudeau is an open and avowed Marxist and is seeking to destroy the country… DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH ANY LIBERAL-RUN CORPORATION OR INVEST IN THIS COUNTRY NOR VISIT IT!!!

Send a message to all communists and leftists, whatever handle they choose for themselves!  Even family members should be shunned if they side with these enemies of freedom, it is THAT important an issue!  The Marxists will never relinquish their stranglehold on our sovereignty, not without being FORCED to.  Right now, the WHO-sponsored and run Covid-19 HOAX is ruining many countries and STUPID people are supporting this.  Smoke out the traitors in your families and shun them, give them no support, they are the ENEMY!

Wave after wave of recurring “variants” with fabricated numbers are going to keep this elitist golden goose alive and bilking the populace out of their tax dollars and personal freedoms.  It has already been stated that the vaccinations will NOT negate the need for wearing masks and “social distancing”, that these practices will continue, despite the shots.  Yet, still, the majority of the population will continue to believe and support these liars, no matter what hardship they bring upon themselves and the rest of us.  Their irrational fears, fed by the constant media onslaught of fearmongering, will continue to drive this economy into the dirt.

Unless… something is done… and done SOON!


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