World War III Imminent?

Should the United States follow through with retaliatory strikes against Iran, the threat against Israel would be significant.  Warmongering Zionists would have their third world conflict and the globalists would be on the doorstep of ushering in their totalitarian world centralized government as the “only hope for humanity”.  We’ve been softened up to this ‘reality’ for decades, with all manner of humanist bullshit being preached by our successive governments, environmentalists, morally-bereft entities like homosexuals, anti-theists, feminists, etc.  All of these allowed to undermine and destroy our once-great civilization’s moral foundations.

I, for one, welcome what must be.  In order for God to expose the cancer that infects man’s innermost being and eradicate it, sin must be allowed to run it’s full course.  It has meant and will mean the destruction of millions of lives… BUT THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE INSISTED UPON HAVING!!!  Like our ancestor, Cain, mankind has determined to run contrary to God and, like Cain, we must bear the penalty for transgression.  This world is transitory and will not survive, were it even left up to us to determine our fate.  The globalists would eventually destroy the planet in their insane bid to assume the Creator’s role in keeping it and sustaining it.  Their leader, Satan, does not possess the ability or wisdom to run the complex forces that tie everything together in this universe.  The inevitable result would be the destruction of this world and every living thing in it.

Like living with a nauseous feeling for hours on end, instead of sticking one’s finger down one’s throat and simply getting it over with, we have danced around with the idea that we can actually rise to some elevated evolutionary plane and assume leadership over ourselves and our base passions… AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!!!  Only the Creator can sort out the mess that we got ourselves into and this is going to be a painful process for us all!

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Steve Isdahl… Man Among Men!

Only Steve can save us all from the “douchebags” that are seeking to separate us from our fond hallucinations and bring us back into some sense of reality…

Steve Isdahl suggests that not every channel out there dealing with sasquatch buffoonery has the best interests of the citizenry in mind… that there could, indeed, be con artists seeking to exploit us… here are some of his guidelines in determining these “low-lives”:

“The lack of concern or mention about the public’s well being, ( both physical and emotional), seems to be the third common denominator when it comes to easily exposing these individuals or groups.
Three common denominators of the misleading ,
1. They need you to believe these things are monkeys or apes.
2. They want your money ( expeditions / donations).
3. They have zero mention or concern for your well being, both emotional and/or physical.
Go see for yourself , it’s clear and easy (insert winky-face)”

Maybe we should break these down a bit… I’ll add my thoughts, here…

1.  “They need you to believe these things are monkeys or apes” … I always thought monkeys WERE apes, “or” really never entered into the matter.  That, and the assumption those “things” possibly being some kind of ape or monkey actually was offered with the thought of helping the person identify and deal with their hallucination and/or encroaching mental disorder, rather than exacerbate the condition through half-hearted and cursory praises of their delusionary thinking and/or false hopes.

2.  “They want your money.”  Well, Steve might have an advantage, there, he seems satisfied with just being their savior and the only person on earth that really cares about them.  Even Jesus can take a back seat to this righteous hunter-type person.  He burns up a lot of video time reminding you of just how great he is in this respect, too, whilst his eyes dart from side to side as if expecting something unpleasant to happen.  Could be, too, just a remnant of conscience telling him that he’s not exactly in this for his health, either, it’s always nice when people send money to help out the ministry.

3.  “They have zero mention or concern for your well-being… etc., etc.”  Yes, only with Steve do you get the full meal deal!  He’ll take any crackpot or delusionary and make them feel like a million bucks, only bow down before his magnificence and benevolence in his taking time out from his hectic schedule (of fishing and hunting) to remind you of it.  You could possibly benefit from hospitalization and/or serious therapy, but, just a hearty smack on the back from Steve and you’ll be ready for anything any mocking “douchebag” non-believer has to offer in the way of critique or insult.

So, it’s hat’s off to Steve Isdahl, the squatcher’s friend!  Keep those cards and letters ( and money ) coming in, ministries like these don’t run on warm and fuzzy feelings!  One does not live merely by helping rich people blow animals away, there are bills to pay and those require hard cash!

Edit: A close examination of this cultish movement of ‘squatchers’ reveals some common threads that suggest the close involvement it has with the environmental movement developed and sustained by the United Nations.  One sees that in a growing number of these stories there is the reference to otherwise big, strong, redneck macho-types being reduced to quivering pussies in the presence of these ‘beings’ and the promise they all make of never again venturing into the woods, giving up camping, etc.  The premise of huge apes being superior to humans in pretty much every capacity goes right along with the atheistic agenda of the globalists, bolstering their ridiculous evolutionary theory which places man as just another animal, destroying the image of God in man, utterly and entirely.

Facts are that the elitists want the public OUT of their playgrounds, the national forests, for the purpose of preserving them for themselves.  What better way than to foment and promote scare tactics like having these giant, hairy monsters roaming around in the dark woods, hunting humans!  Isdahl and his ilk seem to think that the government wants to hide the existence of these things from us… au contraire, the government is quite HAPPY letting people believe in the existence of these hobgoblins, in fact, they encourage that belief by PRETENDING to suppress any activities associated with them!  With the public paranoid about this possible menace reticent about using the forests, there is the added benefit that the ridiculous fallacy about man being a relative of apes is also strengthened.  It’s a win-win scenario for the globalists and Isdahl and his cohorts are unwitting puppets in this scheme.

While Isdahl and his ilk wander around blindly, trying to figure out why they are being kept in the dark on this matter, those with discernment soon understand why and how the government allows this charade to continue.  With all the shit-show going on, there is little to no mention of God in anything… mission accomplished for the elitists and their dupes!

Left-wing Insanity Increasingly Manifesting Itself!

The globalist communists are getting bolder and bolder as their new world order agenda time frame draws closer to it’s conclusion…

‘We’ll Do It For Half’: George Lopez Responds To Iran Bounty On Trump With A Threat Of His Own

The globalists are striving to initiate their planned third world war as a means of culling the population in accordance with the precepts outlined in Agenda 21, their twisted “Sustainable Development” scenario, geared toward subduing the world’s human population and securing all public land for themselves.  All governments with left-leaning politics MUST be deposed if there is going to be any peace, as these demented psychopaths will soon be unstoppable.  They will only be deposed by force, playing the political game will not accomplish anything.

I’m Back!

Facebook LogoIlluminati Pyramid

Been gone for quite awhile, busy with the duties of life, other pursuits… one of those, managing a Facebook account.  I do not recommend Facebook to anyone seeking to post anything more significant than perhaps what they had or are planning on having for lunch, the latest escapades of their pet cat or dog, videos of their latest ‘tax deduction’ waddling about, (spitting up on themselves, their parents, pets, siblings, etc.)  Facebook seems to fill a niche that I would consider frivolous and a gigantic waste of time.  It does, however, suit the purposes of Mark Zuckerberg and his globalist bosses in miring the citizenry of the world in abject frivolity, rather than allowing them to interact and possibly unite to acknowledge and pursue the problems that plague society, most of which are foisted upon us by these same globalists.

I recently left Facebook, having had their left-wing censors ‘jail’ me for the umpteenth time.  One simply does not have free speech or thought, anymore, certainly not in any public forum.  The communists have taken over most online forums and are beginning to close the lid on the coffin, so to speak.  I made it known to the admins of Facebook that they would not and could not silence me with their childish, punitive measures and that I would continue to do the very thing that they tried to stop me from doing and also that I would do all in my power to dissuade others from using their forum.  I’m sure that broke their sensitive, Marxist hearts, but, I suppose spying on and policing the billions of users that frequent Facebook will occupy whatever time that they could have allocated for grieving the passing of what was becoming a gigantic pain in the ass to their politically correct and brain-dead staff of Marxist morons.

I shall, of course, continue to speak out against the globalists and their lackeys that are busily engaged in subduing our nation and other world nations, by continuing to educate and enlighten people in the reality that the oligarchs wish remains hidden from us.