Self-Styled Messiah To The Downtrodden Issues Challenge

Steve Isdahl, a professional guide and hunter in Canada’s BC forest country has assumed a leadership role in getting the so-called “sasquatch” story out, with a new angle… championing the downtrodden in the ‘encounter’ community…

Flushed with a growing entourage of encounter groupies, Isdahl is openly defying the government/powers-that-be to come clean on the sasquatch mystery, whilst providing a sort of safe haven for those that have and are fearful of experiencing ridicule for having seen or heard these beings.

But, Steve and his friends are playing with fire on this one!

While there has never been any concrete proof (Isdahl insists that the word of witnesses is enough and that anyone critiquing further than that, can… well, go hang, not to put too fine a point on it) that these things exist, the phenomena has been in existence for hundreds of years, with thousands of ‘encounters’ and stories and myths associated with these things having permeated society and the indigenous culture.  The hazy and obscure nature of these reports and sightings bears a remarkable resemblance with the ways the enemy of souls works.  Satan never works in full view of his prey, he always hides behind some idol or the actions of his dupes as to provide an indistinct view of himself and his influence upon society.  He does associate openly with his adepts, but, these are a very few and ‘privileged’ group, preferring to operate behind the scenes and through these adepts.

The Bible states that in the last days of world history, there would be more overt manifestations of Satan’s power in “the coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders…” that even the ‘elect’ would be deceived.  (2 Thessalonians 2:9, New King James)  The primary purpose, up to now, for pushing this sasquatch theory has been to bolster the satanic evolutionary theories of Darwin, et al, whilst continuing to hold lesser and more primitive societies in superstitious limbo… such as the American Indian.

More than one commenter on these videos has praised the supernatural qualities of this being, some professing it’s superiority over man, God’s highest creation.  Of course, God, Himself, is trampled upon merely with the suggestion that this is a higher order of being than man… but, remember the verse, above?  Demons in human form could very well possess the qualities ascribed these things and qualify as superior to man as they are a higher creation!  This, I’m afraid, is the case with these abominations.

Those of us in the esoteric know fully acknowledge God’s presence and power and know that there is a power struggle between the forces of good and evil.  We’re told through the inspired writings that this struggle is soon to come to a head and that all manner of signs and wonders, ‘miracles’, etc., are going to be manifested.  What remains to be seen is what will happen when Isdahl and his cult receive confirmation from the government that these things do, indeed, exist, though not in the way that they expect.  Up to now, the higher levels of authority have been pretending ignorance on this issue, ostensibly leading people deeper and deeper in a level of ignorance as to the reality of our creation and obstinance against the Creator.  When the time is right, I have no doubt that the whole issue will be brought up front and center, sealing the ignorance of the majority of society.

Isdahl and his friends are slowly and inexorably being drawn into a web of deceit that will soon result in a grand appearance of the great deceiver, himself, played like cheap violins, because, they have neglected the truly important thing in life… getting to know their Creator and His ways and His plan for humanity.  Self-assuredness and self-aggrandizement have taken man’s focus off of the One that made him and sustains him.  Were it left up to our ingenuity, alone, we’d have perished long ago as a race.  I leave it to one of the encounter groupies to describe the situation we have now… “If these things wanted to, they could wipe us all out.”  I agree… we’re playing with forces we do not fully comprehend… at least, without a thorough knowledge of God’s Word in how to deal with them.

I believe Steve and his crowd will someday get what it is they want to know and see.  It won’t be what they expect, though, in terms of anything beneficial to themselves or mankind.

2 responses to “Self-Styled Messiah To The Downtrodden Issues Challenge

  1. What narcissistical jackass wrote this crap?!
    Oh yeah…you are one of the slanderous left extremists trying to keep the public ignorant.
    Where is YOUR proof to the Non-existence?!
    You and YOUR followers, are the “evil incarnate”.
    You only troll his channel because you lack the intestinal fortitude to face him man to man. Pathetic middle school antics.
    Can YOU handle the truth?!

    • Why are you so interested in proof? You seem fine with the stories that Isdahl and Co. feed you with their accompanying lack of proof, what is your problem? I’m merely reminding people that extraordinary claims require at least a rudimentary semblance of proof, something that he and his ilk never seem to have or feel obligated to provide. And that is acceptable to people like you.

      All they have to do is produce a body… pictures that are characteristically fuzzy and taken from indistinguishable distances are NOT proof, son. The mere assertion “I know what I saw” and “I heard this from a friend of a friend of a friend who heard… “, etc., isn’t proof, not in any court. People discount the existence of a deity on the basis they have no proof… this is no different. When the shoe is on the other foot, things seem to change.

      Produce evidence for your claims… that’s all you have to do. Until that happens, accept your criticism.

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