UN Scientist Backpedaling On Vaccine Safety

‘A top scientist for the United Nations admitted in leaked video that vaccines are dangerous and are killing some individuals, just days after assuring the public that vaccines were one of the safest tools humanity has.’

Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, the Chief Scientist of the World Health Organization, admitted that some vaccines are killing people during the WHO Global Vaccine Safety Summit last December in Geneva, Switzerland…

Read the article, here.  For what it’s worth, I don’t trust anyone that feels the need to enforce their views/practices upon everyone else.  The United Nations is very good at this.

The front man for the impending “New World Order”, the UN is a tool in the hands of wealthy bankers, industrialists and pagans.  They seek to consolidate the world’s nations under one banner of government and religion.  They also believe that the earth is being destroyed by humans and that a substantial amount of people have to be eliminated for the good of the earth and those remaining.  War is always the top contender in accomplishing this purpose, however, disease and birth control are probably close seconds.

Anyone allowing these assholes to stick needles in their arms or those of their children, in my view, needs a good slap upside the head, or, at the very least, counselling.  It’s one of the few things left that we can do on an individual basis to hinder these totalitarian bastards.

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