Conspiracy To Empty National Parks?

The globalists are big on environmentalism and are exacting all manner of sanctions upon industry and the public in order to ‘preserve’ nature.  I believe this ‘sasquatch’ phenomena is but the latest push toward getting the public off the land and back into cities where they can be more closely monitored and controlled.  This initiative would fall within the parameters of “Sustainable Development” (Agenda 21) of the globalists’ manifesto.

Our outdoorsman hero, Steve Isdahl, self-proclaimed philanthropic ‘ear’ for the apparently downtrodden ‘squatcher’ community, mentions in this video the need to go after the government and have them fess up to the existence of these creatures and warn people about using the national parks when these creatures are indeed a feature in that usage…

Isdahl and company do not seem to be clued in as to the motives of government in not acknowledging the existence of these creatures.  While there is no actual proof or physical evidence worth reviewing as to the authenticity of said creatures, there is some virtue in the majority of so-called ‘encounters’ that might suggest something of a spiritual, supernatural connection.

The self-proclaimed ‘elite’ are Satanists, they openly admit to following Satan (whom they term “Lucifer”) and this would give them access to some particularly dark and sinister forces.  Two things would be accomplished by having the public believe in this nonsense…

  1. It would make the public reticent about using national parks and forests, knowing that they could fall victim to one of these monsters and…
  2. The belief that these things are somehow a “missing link” in man’s evolution, helps destroy any knowledge of and/or faith in the Creator.  Atheism is promoted and strengthened in the belief of these beings.

These two items are missed by Steve and his cohorts in their chastisement of apparent government apathy, not realizing that it is the government’s interest to remain indifferent about this phenomena.  The globalists are only too happy to have people believe in big hairy apes patrolling the woodlands and mountains, they want to preserve the lands for themselves and what better way than to throw a scare into folks about using park facilities?  Let’s be honest… most things people touch, they destroy!  People are worse than pigs, they pollute and mess up campgrounds and show little interest in cleaning up after themselves.  It’s the society we live in, a society we expect to cater to our every whim and satisfy our every want.  In essence… it’s all about US!

It is in Satan’s best interest, too, to have people believing in this horseshit, as it takes one’s eyes off of God and places them on the same ground as atheists and pagans, both of whom willingly and unwittingly serve Satan.  Satan doesn’t care if people believe in him or not, portray him as a cloven-hoofed freak or worship created things dedicated to him, JUST as long as they do not believe in the God of creation.  In the end, I believe that people will have to make a choice, either for Satan or God, and this will be unavoidable.

The sightings that aren’t pure horseshit, and I believe probably 80 percent of these sightings are just that, are probably attributable to supernatural means and/or government involvement.  At any rate, Steve and his retinue are barking up the wrong tree if they think that the government is hiding anything from them, quite the contrary…

… they’re milking this for all it’s worth… and so are ‘researchers’ like Steve Isdahl, too!

7 responses to “Conspiracy To Empty National Parks?

  1. I have watched Steve reading the e-mails. I feel the vast majority are real. With that vast amount of e-mails by witnesses, you have to conclude the the animal is real. I have read Government researchers state they are real. They state they are radioactive. You can put a geiger counter near a fresh foot print and you will get an indication of radiation lever above normal background. Regular news media treat this subject as a big joke. It is not! It is as real as a heart attack.
    Where there is a vast amount of smoke there is a fire. Get with the program; don’t laugh at it.

    • So, in your view, if the majority is with something, it must be legit. And, the fact that these complimentary emails generally morph over time to mirror what constitutes the latest beliefs of these ‘beings’ abilities… of course, anyone with any kind of an imagination couldn’t hop on that bandwagon, right? Example: the “shape-shifting” angle… how come this attribute was NEVER heard of over the decades until sci-fi started producing movies with beings with this attribute? One commenter happens to mention it… suddenly, there’s a whole raft of comments flooding in with the same claims!

      The invisibility angle… the trans-dimensional angle… the UFO angle… a far cry from decades ago when the best this thing could do was leave footprints, kill dogs and toss heavy things around and kidnap Indian women! It’s nice to see, though, SOME things never change… like it’s ability to blur itself for pictures and fit behind trees that are a third their width!

      Now, we have a radiation angle! Hmmm… must be inspired by the terminator series where the the bad guy picks up heat travelling through the dimensions… I’ll bet that suggestion takes off, given the adaptability of those vivid imaginations out there!

      C’mon… if this thing actually existed, don’t you think those attributes would have manifested themselves from the get-go? Oh… and retroactive claims by people that claim to have “held on” to these encounters for years over fears of ridicule, cannot be proven legit, it just proves they are adept at moving along with the times and trends, as I have already pointed out.

      Rightfully so, regular news views something so chronically unprovable as a joke! We deal with enough bullshit these days. You people have had decades to produce a BODY and you can’t. Hear-say ‘evidence’ and bedtime stories by backwoods he-men might work for the delusional, but, thinking, rational people demand hard evidence over what “Bubba” says he saw from his trailer park window or what someone who pulls down a cool $150,000 a year in YouTube subs and other monies claims.

      I’ve watched this current fad regenerate several times, over the years… it will die down, again. Nowadays, we have the COVID hoax to occupy our consciousness. Your guru claims to not support it, but, I think he’ll go where the money is. Are you with the COVID program? If not, why? I mean… everyone’s doing it, so, by your standards it MUST be legit! And, if you’re correct, better clue your boss in, he’s adamant it’s overblown. My growing perception of society is that if it’s ridiculous and useless and/or morally bankrupt, it has a sure following.

      The only things accompanying the ‘smoke’ from this latest craze are the mirrors.

    • People are not using the shapeshifting angle or statements for these animals. They state they can make themselves invisible. There are pictures out there which will be slowly released. These pictures have been taken by government agents, where the release of them will place the agent in the crosshairs of their supervisors and will lose their jobs. They will be released when the agent retires or when his retirement cannot be cancelled. The courts have long recognized the positive use of witness testimony and circumstantial information when prosecuting a crime. People have been sentenced to death by simply using circumstantial information from witnesses. Most sex offenders are sent to prison solely with a person’s testimony. Is this he-said- she-said? Perhaps. Most sex offenders, killers, thieves and other criminals, do not commit their crimes in public. Likewise, if you investigate the bigfoot sightings you will note that military, police and game wardens all have made statements that they have had contact with bigfoot. Funny, how the statement of a cop can put someone away for years in prison but when they the have seen bigfoot, their statements are unbelievable to people like you. Additionally, the UFO issue is similarly situated. Do the research on UFO’s and you will not only see photos, but evidence in the form of metal items, markings in the soil, etc. Get a life, do some research. If the government to me that there is light outside at 12:00 noon, I would have to open the shade to look for myself. The State of Ohio has taken the official position that the bigfoot is real. They are the first state to do so, do far. Go argue your position with them.

      • I guess you’re not reading Steve’s comments… shape-shifting is mentioned numerous times! Invisibility, too… in short, they can do everything it takes to prevent any sort of credible evidence from being collected and displayed. Btw, Steve doesn’t think they’re animals… better get with the program as someone once told me! 😉

        What a cop-out, saying they can’t reveal their ‘evidence’ for fear of ridicule or even losing their jobs! If something were that important to them, they’d do it. The reason they won’t come forward is there is nothing to come forward WITH! No one is going to risk their livelihood over a made-up story, which is what 90 percent of his bedtime stories are. Even his commenters tell him they appreciate his stories… can’t start their day or relax at night without him reading to them. Little children wanting their milk and cookies and their bedtime story!

        UFO’s are bullshit, too. Just another way for the powers-that-be to distract simple-minded people from REAL issues that plague our society, every day. Like this COVID hoax… even Steve thinks it’s overblown, but, I know he’ll cave when push comes to shove. He’s got a fair-sized following, now, he won’t jeopardize that! You might be into fairytales, but, I am not. I prefer reality, hard as it is, over false comforts. There is a push by the enviro-freaks to close down public parks and this is a good way to do it. Ever notice how many of his commenters say they’ll never go hunting or camping in the woods, again? The “native Americans” have a lot to gain by pushing their superstitious crap, too. As stated, it gets whitey off “their” land.

        Son, the kindest way I can put this to you is you’re deluded. I’ve followed this horseshit since the days of the Patterson Film and there has yet to be any tangible proof for this bogeyman’s existence. Sorry… fairy stories don’t cut it! Your limp-assed argument about miscarriages of jurisprudence don’t justify a premise that has no basis in fact… hear-say isn’t evidence, circumstantial or otherwise. Even circumstantial evidence has some basis in truth in dealing with known factors. Blurry, easily-faked photos of indistinct shapes in foliage is not, nor will it ever be evidence. Sorry to burst your bubble… time to wake up and take up some WORTHY cause, not making a YouTuber rich off of subs and donations!

        Bring me a body… even John Green and Rene Dahinden knew that without a body, you might as well shut up and go home. Steve’s out to make money, period. Want proof? Tell him to donate all his YouTube earnings to charity, see what happens!

        • I do monitor Steves U-tube e-mails. What I a shapeshifter, is one who can disguise itself as a person, animal or something else. The reptilians are shape shifters who disguise themselves as people and walk around us. The big foot can fade out and seemly leave a bleary outline of himself like in the Predator movie. I have not heard that they can pose as humans or other animals. Isn’t it odd that one can be so closed minded where they think all of those who report seeing or interacting with these creatures are all lying. There is a term used in psychology called “projecting”. That is where a person thinks most people act like he does. Therefore, when a psychological test called the MMPI, given to many job applicants. A common question in that test is: “Do you thing most people are honest?”. By checking the box no, lets the believe your are “projecting” what your are and there is a good likelyhood you will be refused employment from that statement. The theory is that most people are, in fact honest. Otherwise, the system would not work and everything would be in chaos. There are pockets of corruption but the vast amount of people are honest. Therefore, the people who seem to think everyone who states they saw or interacted with a bigfoot is lying, that person himself thinking this, must be the lier in real life and these 1,000 of people who have see them are all lying. Yah, these debunkers are dishonest themselves, using the MMPI test standards. There are several psychological tests and they all operate on this “projection” theory.
          The next time someone states to you Mr. debunker, they saw or interacted with a bigfoot, call them a lier to their face and see what happens. I hope the seer is violent so he my educate you in proper respect of these honest seers who are simply reporting what they saw or interacted with.

          • I posted your diatribe for it’s sheer comedic value, Foss. “Shapeshifters” exist only in science fiction, nowhere else. Sasquatches are blurry, not out of any inherent ability to make themselves invisible or semi-transparent, just as a result of the poor photo-shopping ability of the perpetrator. I have also seen many examples of perps using other perps’ photo-shops in their own bullshit pictures, with maybe differences in viewing angle or distance. It’s still easy to tell it’s the same picture. One classic example of this would be one of the latest pics that Steve put up of a supposed bigfoot standing in the middle of a river… it’s a distanced knock-off of an earlier picture (years earlier) of a bigfoot standing in water and looking up at the camera, yet is passed off as a recent photo. I may do a post on this, but, there are more pressing and important issues to cover.

            And just for your info, I do happen to know people that have claimed to have seen your bogeyman and after a few questions, it’s apparent that they are merely riding the bandwagon of what is (again) becoming a popular fad. Of course, no matter how ridiculous the claims or the ideology, these times do not allow critique of any shape or form, the skeptic immediately being branded a “hater” or “bigot” or something else designed to shut them down. It’s the ruse people use, now, to have to avoid thinking to deeply… after all, who wants to believe that their government would actually try to deceive them or hurt them?

            Now, this brings us to another question… do you believe the COVID-19 pandemic is legit? Just so you know if you haven’t figured that out, yet, Steve doesn’t! Are you on the same page as Steve is? For me, this issue is far more important than your claims of big, hairy monkeys running around in the bush, stealing chickens and hiding behind trees and chucking rocks at people. You’ve called these things “animals”… Steve doesn’t hold with that theory! He’s thinking more along the lines of them being experiments or even supernatural entities out to deceive people. You’re not a very good groupie to be off on the tangent you’re on, directly opposite of Steve’s views!

            Which leads me to believe you’re nothing more than some insecure troll finding his manhood from annoying people via a keyboard and not having the balls to confront them in person, as you’ve accused me of. One thing I will say and if you’d bothered to spend any time at all researching my blog and the posts I’ve done, is that I have never said that there isn’t SOMETHING that SOME are seeing out there. I deal with the supernatural and esoteric realm a lot and I know there are entities out there that can and do deceive people. Because the theory of evolution is a proven lie, these apparitions cannot be any “missing link” or undiscovered species of animal, being most likely either demonic or simply, as stated, a hoax. Most ‘encounters’, I believe, fall into the latter file as copy-cat works of overactive imaginations for whatever motive… generally, out of some need for recognition and/or notoriety.

            As I’ve stated, ad nauseum… produce a BODY! That is all you have to do. Even your guru says that blurry pictures of ‘shapes’ in foliage and/or footprints ISN’T enough. It’s a BODY we want! Of course, if I’m right, that will never happen.

    • There are a lot of hoaxes out there, I’ll give you that. There has been more that 100 DNA tests done showing human female and unknown male; check it out! There will probably be a body now that OK has offered a bigfoot license. I guess we will see. I agree with you…there is something out there…and its name is bigfoot.

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