SIX Deceptions Needed For Enabling Totalitarian Take-Over of America…

… AND the world!

This is something that the useful idiots comprising the politically correct armies of environmentalist shills and dupes fail to grasp, that they are aiding and abetting in the takeover and subjugation of themselves and everyone else.  Even if a few rays of enlightenment manage to penetrate their incredibly thick skulls, they are ready to reconcile themselves to a reality that needn’t happen.

Those that support unrestrained immigration, are okay with perverts taking over their streets in their infamous and evil “gay pride” events, thinking that it is a great thing, unwittingly allowing the power-crazed and satanic Jewish oligarchs free reign over their sovereign rights.  Puffball-minded millennial-types admire and worship the new world order that is fast entrenching itself in western society, while those with keen intellect and common sense can see the writing on the wall.

I suppose if this were left within the purview of man to actually extricate himself (Ha!  Feminists would challenge this one!) from the mess he has got himself into, the case would, indeed, be a hopeless one.  Fortunately, while we will be saddled with these satanic freaks for yet a while longer, the inevitable result in all of this will be the overthrow of the oligarchy and those that support and side with it, willingly and otherwise.  There is a God in heaven that has the final say… and no Jew can dispute or change that reality!


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