Evolutards STILL Can’t Get It Right!

Looks like we’re switching gears yet again!  Now scientists are trying to tell us that the T-Rex (of Jurassic Park fame) couldn’t run!  (Is that like saying white men can’t jump?)

This is how it is with evolutionists.  They can never agree on anything and without divine guidance are merely guessing and re-guessing about the history of our world.  Then, when they inevitably fuck up, they have to backpedal and make themselves and their theories look even more stupid.

I saw a recent article explaining that men are NOT descended from apes… contrary to what they USED to teach!  This is an admission that many young antitheists need to hear as I have been constantly attacked over my assertions that they actually DID teach this in public schools.  Now they are without argument as this admission proves.  The idea of a “common ancestor” now prevails… at least within academia.  No doubt the message hasn’t reached most young infidels, yet, particularly those that troll Christian sites on the internet.

Getting back to T-Rex… there is no actual proof that this beast was anything like they portray it to be, this is, again, mere speculation on the part of scientists.  In these last days, there is a big push on to eliminate gospel truth, altogether.  They need to get their stories straight, though the majority of the masses really don’t seem to notice when these fools fuck up.  They could call red black and it would go unnoticed with the herd, these days.

Animals were indeed larger and more powerful in Noah’s day.  Those that were not created by God (freaks created by man) perished in the Great Flood.  This is why we find their remains inside of sediments, the result of water-action.  No doubt that they were of a size and ferocity that they would have been a serious threat to man’s survival if they had been allowed to live.  There is no way to ascertain how they looked, though.

Well, there will be more on this story, I’m sure.  The lies are getting quite convoluted… must keep these infidels up at night trying to sort through the tangled web of deceit that they have spun!


2 responses to “Evolutards STILL Can’t Get It Right!

    • Nothing new in that. Men have always interbred plants and animals trying to achieve some form of desirable hybrid for whatever purposes that they might have had in mind. Archaeology shows the incredible innovation that the ancients possessed, (the pyramids, etc.) and the fossil record shows that species were indeed larger than what exists today.

      Of course, one needs to take the scriptures as their guide to get the full picture. The Great Flood was a result of God’s displeasure with a rebellious race, though He obviously intended that some should survive. This was the reason that He commanded Noah to bring certain species with him into the ark… obviously knowing that the fledgling race would not be able to survive with creatures like T-Rex galloping around, He excluded these freaks (man-made) from the ark, so they would perish.

      Those creatures MIGHT have eventually posed a threat to mankind even if the Flood had not occurred. However, in man’s weakened condition afterward, (the race is degenerating, NOT evolving) it would have been a certainty. Before the Flood, men, too, were larger and more powerful. Suppressed archaeology has discovered men of huge stature… some examples exceeding 20 ft. in height! Of course, this fucks up the evolutionary fairy story so these discoveries are hushed up.

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