The Most Sickening Video You’ll Ever Watch!

Sexual freaks on the march in Australia…

I couldn’t watch it all… made my lunch start coming up!  With noted convicted pedophile, Geoffrey Leonard, narrating, the overall revulsion a normal human being experiences is overwhelming.

This is what the world has been reduced to.  Freaks taking over society, left-wing sociopaths ruling in the streets so that even the authorities are afraid to resist them.  Time-serving politicians grovel before them, seeking their approval.  These masters of vice and political correctness have overrun decency and goodness, gyrating and humping their way into the legislative halls and courtrooms of every nation on earth.

Where are the mad bombers and snipers attending these acts of debauchery, hmmm?  Just goes to show that those false-flag STAGED acts never happened and would never happen to these pieces of filth.  In this fucked-up world, one doesn’t criticize a fag or resist their advances without incurring the wrath of their idiot supporters and the cowardly government.  Fortunately, though, disease shows no fear or respect toward these monstrosities.  What we strongly need is an AID’s epidemic of epic proportions to help cull these humanoid pieces of filth.

God is not mocked!  These trash will pay the ultimate price for their debauchery and arrogance.  They are living high and mighty, now, but, there is and will be a day of reckoning that they will not escape.

Till then… they will continue to parade naked in the streets, getting away with everything that would land a heterosexual person in jail.  And they do it in front of kids and the elderly, showing they have no respect for either.  Their destruction is well-deserved!

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