On Flag-Burning… and such…

Yeah… and aliens are just DYING (Roswell) to get down here!  LOL!

People behaving badly.  The entire world is reeling under the weight of elitist oligarchs seeking to undermine society on a global scale.  Of course, the majority of Earth’s citizens are ignorant of this fact… a condition blogs like this one seek to remedy in some small way.  For the most part, all of our efforts will be unsuccessful, nevertheless we soldier on.

We have the liberals and we have the right-wing… both are deluded.  The middle ground is held by those in the know and the reality is that all of the unrest in the world is being orchestrated by rich Satanists, themselves, deluded by a false god.  Do not expect things to get any better, folks!

Things are going to start unraveling in a big way, pretty soon… stay tuned!


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