Nut Case Freed By Lenient Justice System

You have to wonder just what brand of imbicile is running this country… when they let THIS THING go free…


Vince Li (a.k.a. “Will Baker”) in manacles…

Yes, the progenies behind the so-called “criminal justice system” have struck again!  Famous for their leniency toward criminals while the victims and their families suffer on, these prodigious retards have once again proven how utterly useless they are in any practical or sensible application.

Not only did a lax and inept police force FAIL to remove this freak from the bus, who was armed only with a knife while they had GUNS, they then coddle and protect him in custody, provide him with a cushy room in a psyche ward with ever-increasing freedom and mobility… NOW the braniacs in mental health determine he’s safe and FREE him!  Meanwhile, the distraught and frustrated family has to pick up the pieces (and the bill) from having to fight a system run by morons to try and get any justice!  Well, as this case and so many others prove…


The mammon-worshiping leaders of this cocked-up country have no clue as to what morality or what justice is… only their commercial construct of it!  As so many that have run afoul of these fiends have discovered, the concept of justice to the rich constitutes long, drawn-out, costly proceedings that are intended to drain the resources of the victims.  Meanwhile, a murdering fiend is allowed to run loose once again, probably to do it all over and thereby generate even more money for these pagan bastards.

Everyone needs to study the picture of this freak and be aware that their government doesn’t give a shit about them when they let this creep loose to apply his mayhem…


Watch for him!  This creep will be under every rock in your garden, under your bed on those stormy nights, in your every nightmare, courtesy of a Liberal government staffed with bleeding-heart fools with shit for brains and supported by inept, impotent police forces and ‘professional’ doctors and psychiatrists!


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