Trudeau Toady Advocates Longer Worklives


Elitist Twit

William Francis “Bill” Morneau, one of Justin Trudeau’s gang of fascist assholes is now proposing that Canadians ought to work longer in their servitude to the Jewish banking cartel.  You can read the story HERE.  What this says is that the ultra-rich scumbags aren’t satisfied with their uncountable (and un-auditable) trillions and would like their slaves to provide even more of their blood, sweat and tears before they’re dumped in a hole and covered up… or as the latest trend seems to be, offered up as burnt offerings.

The rich are never satisfied.  Of course, there is more involved here than just money and wealth.  The globalists wish to eliminate as many “useless eaters” as they can.  Working everyone to death, next to war, is a damned good way to accomplish this, while at the same time cutting down the numbers of the middle-class that might present some measure of competition.  Of course, being as we are all hooked into the system and cannot live apart from it, we have no choice other than capitulate if we want any kind of sustenance to survive on.  Ol’ Wild Bill, here, doesn’t need to worry, he has a cushy government job with a substantial pension available to him… well, anytime now!

Having been given a step up in the ranks by that lesbian foolhardy bitch, Kathleen Wynne, premier of Ontario, Billy-boy now has his hands upon the people’s money and can start twisting the screws anytime and any way that he likes.  This might appeal to those of choleric disposition that view work as their lord and savior, however, it isn’t done to appease them or their warped sense of values.  Many of us would like SOME of our life to ourselves rather than giving all of it to politicians and businessmen to help them live their lavish lifestyles.

What to do?  Hmmm… you know, in the old days, if the people didn’t like the way their public servants handled their business, they took them out and treated them to a necktie party.  Apparently, we’re going to have to reprise that practice if we’re ever going to get the message across to these assholes that have set themselves up as lords and masters over the rest of us.  Right now, the radical left-wing, brain-dead element are calling for the assassination of their new president in the US.  Well, maybe we ought to give them a taste of their own medicine up here in Canada and blow away that homo-loving, commie asshole currently haunting the House of Commons!

Some of us would like to take a break from devoting the majority of our lives to serving rich Jews.  If there are those that still wish to take Zionist dick up their asses, by all means, let them go to it!  Just leave the rest of us OUT.  Can a socialist government actually do that?  Ha-ha… see any pigs flying, yet?

Fuck Morneau and fuck his well-coiffed overseer, Trudeau!



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