How The Jews Mock Jesus

But you NEVER say anything disparaging against Jews, especially questioning the so-called “Holocaust”!  These trash are the undisputed masters of the world, over everyone else… and that includes atheists, whom delude themselves that they are masters of their own destiny.

Everything that an atheist claims for himself has been provided for him by Jews.  His beliefs, his job, his livelihood… everything that he holds dear and reveres is a Jewish construct.  He is a buffoon, really, which is a good translation for what the Jews label “a goy.”

Freedom from religion, the hard core infidel whines?  LOL… you TRY and find some corner in this world where there is no religion, including yours, the revamped and warmed-over version of paganism that you worship now as Humanism.

The only way that society can be cleansed is for all Jews to be expelled from the land.  Ship them all to some remote island outcrop in the middle of the biggest ocean and leave them there with no means to ever return and pollute the land.  As this will never happen, it behooves us all to place faith in God to remedy the situation His way… as He will…

Chosen people?  The chosen people are those that accept Christ as their advocate against death.  “Pastor” Hagee and all the other shills that bend over for Jewish cock deceive themselves and others regarding any special status Israel should receive.  It deserves only to be plowed under!

Let those that know her best criticize Jewry, no one else seems interested.

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