An Urgent Appeal


Anyone that has dared to oppose the moneymen throughout history has met a similar fate.  While it is Satan that is the head of evil in this world, his underlings have enabled his will to be done so much easier.  The ultra-rich Zionists, like the Rothschild banking family, Morgan’s, etc., are dupes of the fallen angel and continue to oppress mankind.  Still butt-hurt over being tossed out of Heaven, Satan continues his pathetic war against God using God’s creation as his special targets, seeing as how he lacks the power to confront God directly.  This is, of course, the height of futility, cowardice, stupidity, which sums up Satan very well.  His entire life outside of paradise has been one of failure and disgrace and all he has to look forward to is a violent and ignominious death at the hands of his creator.  Total loser!

At present, the dupes of Satan are working toward his hopeless and stupid dream of establishing a seat of power on Earth, ostensibly in Israel, the location which God will eventually use to establish His kingdom after Satan and his followers are all dead and forgotten.  Toward this end, it has become necessary for the Prince of Fools to try and conquer all other nations through subversion and war and try and bring them all under one government… something that he has been attempting since the days of Babylon.  Like all his other immense failures, this will ultimately be his crowning underachievement.

False flags and engineered disasters have been the stock and trade of the useless of society (the ‘elite’) since time began.  Like the Titanic sinking, which was engineered to look like an accident when it was really an act of murder by the big banks and their complicit political allies.

While God will indeed take care of these bastards, once and for all, in the not-so-very-distant future, I still like to make my annual appeal to anyone that is in a position to do so to kill these useless pieces of shit.  This may not be a good thing to ask, given that anyone doing this good deed will have to answer to God, Whom doesn’t play favorites.  When I say good, I mean good by my estimation.  However, I leave it to those concerned to make their own decision on such matters.  Some might not be hampered by any such beliefs such as mine and would have no issue with eliminating these parasites if they chose.  I know I certainly wouldn’t lose a SECOND’S sleep over the demise of these filth!

One thing for certain, anyone having the same name as these scum has a duty to have their name legally changed unless they wish to identify with evil.  They could at least do that much!


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