So another young life is ruined by the ambitions of ultra-rich psychopathic bastards bent upon world domination!  Well, people never seem to catch on to the schemes of international bankers and industrialists, the Jewish cabal and their political puppets and shills.  The young are always signing up in droves thinking that the war that they’re throwing themselves into has some real glory to it.  In the end, they come back in pieces, if at all.

What will it take?  Even scenes like these have no impact on idealistic youngsters trained up in the propaganda of the imperialists.  People still participate in useless elections, thinking that they actually have a say in anything that goes on… what a delusion!  Instead of boycotting these circuses and throwing the politicians out on their fat, opportunistic asses, people flock like herd animals to obey the whims of their elitist masters.

The only thing that can be done will never be done.  Society as a whole is in tatters.  We shall continue to have scenes like these played out over and over.  The Illuminati rules this world’s nations and they won’t stop till they’re stopped by divine intervention.

Break out the bandages and body bags, folks, and keep the supply of fools coming!


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