Political System Hopelessly Corrupt


All the hoopla surrounding the American presidential election amounts to a mountain of futility.  It matters little which psychopath gets in, know only that whoever it is will still dance to the tune of the Illuminati bankers/Khazarian Jews.  There is no other way in this fallen world.

I found an interesting assessment of Hillary Clinton on this site… an alternative to the controlled and bought-and-paid-for mainstream media.  However the analysis, these elitist bitches and bastards LONG AGO realized that they needn’t be concerned with telling the truth as the general population are conditioned to ignoring facts that they don’t wish to see.  As Hermann Goering once put it, (generally speaking) if you’re going to lie, make it a BIG one and the public will swallow it.  They won’t question it.

This psychopathic murdering bitch KNOWS she is above the law and the recent email scandals prove that.  She has been ‘under investigation’ for months and the FBI recently announced that they have washed their hands of the evidence.  Any ordinary citizen would have been locked up indefinitely for such crimes, but, Hillary’s status as one of the ‘elite’ assures she will go free… every time.

There’s no use pinning your hopes on Donald Trump, either.  Even if he won, (which he won’t… Hillary has more influential friends) he would still have to follow the status quo and the dictates of the ultra-powerful Jewish bankers, whose holdings and wealth exceeds many hundreds of TRILLIONS of dollars.  These true psychopaths essentially control the entire world and no one is allowed to act against THEIR will.  The people have only one weapon which they are unwilling to use and that is their sovereign independence.  This is what the ruling elite strive to continually hide from the masses, knowing that ignorance is the best weapon that they can deploy.

People STILL after all of these years believe that their salvation come in the form of PARTICIPATING IN A PROCESS THAT HAS CONTINUALLY BEEN PROVEN TO NOT WORK!  They never learn!  Only by simply… SIMPLY denying these maniacs any influence or presence in their lives, by refusing to vote, fight in their wars, obey their laws, etc., will the public ever be free of these parasites.  By refusing to hear the truth and calling those that speak the truth fanatics and conspiracy cranks, the stupid public ENSURE their slavery.

Eventually, when things have gotten to the point where our very existence is threatened, God will intervene… He has to, man has no power to resist those that have been allowed to gain the upper hand against society.  Were it not for the retraining power of God, civilization would most likely have disappeared long before this.  Man is simply too stupid to govern himself.  Either God or Satan will do the job… so far, it’s been Satan, as the current state of affairs overwhelmingly shows.  God restrains the evil one from totally destroying us, though in the end, many will have to be ‘euthanized’ simply because their minds are not conditioned to accept divine rule over their lives.  This is a requirement for an eternity living in a sinless universe and God cannot force His rule upon anyone.  It is the only humane thing to do, given that it is all a matter of choice with those involved.

Dedicated infidels like those in the ruling elite could never be happy subservient to God.  Lesser stooges such as shills in the pseudo-sciences like Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris and their ilk, themselves, full-time mockers of God and His followers, would not be happy living next to those that they mocked for eternity.  They, along with their chosen master, Satan must perish, for the good of all of those that have made the choice for right.  If allowed to live, not only would living next to those that they despise forever be a living hell, they would be a cancerous drain on the repentant.  As long as they are allowed to exist, sin would in fact NOT be eliminated from the universe and there could always be the chance that a similar uprising might occur like the one that spawned the order of things that we have now.

Anyway, the current societal system simply doesn’t work, nor can it ever.  Americans still cling to the hope that somehow, somewhere, sometime, the right person will come along and save them all from themselves.  Wishful thinking!  The only thing that is being established is a stronger and tighter stranglehold by the self-professed ‘elite’ around their collective necks.  Elitist bitches like “Hellary” Clinton will always rule as long as ignorance is embraced.



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