Moronic Driving Becoming Epidemic

With each passing year, the I.Q level of motorists is dropping.  As a professional driver with over 40 years on the road, I can say that the level of expertise and awareness has dropped significantly, as well as the consideration that motorists have for each other.

The stupid reign in this world.  People have not kept pace with the level of technology available to them and they simply cannot deal with the increased power and complexity of modern conveyances.  They are married to their cell phones and cannot be without them even to drive.  Their fucking phones are more important to them than others or even their own family’s welfare.

This video generated at least ONE comment that I thought appropriate.  The commenter said that the driver should have run over the dipshit in the car and I agree.  By trying to avoid the nitwit, he placed other innocent people at risk, including himself.  In a situation like that, better to hit the fool and make HIM pay for his stupidity!  Instead, he gets to drive off and do the same thing all over again to some other hapless sucker.

The stupid need to be reminded, however harshly, they are not the end-all in the world and that they have to abide by the rules the same as everyone else.


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