Gun Control Gets Yet Another Bitch-Slap!

You’d think the dummies would learn… NOPE!  Stupid is as stupid is…

They’ll keep on fighting till they win.  The pacifist left, that firmly believe that guns are responsible for moral decay, when, all along, it is their socialist dogma and rabid political correctness and associated fascism that is bringing society down.  One of the first pillars to go: Christianity.  Christianity… the ONLY bulwark against fascist unbelief, and it’s under attack daily by the radical and mentally unbalanced left.

The feminazis, the homosexuals, the anti-theistic hordes, the evolutards, that daily descend upon God-breathed principles and moral uprightness, are the true enemies of society.  Our time-serving and greedy politicians will suck their genitalia in order to garner votes, caring not that the country is going to shit.

Despite the false flags, the lies, the politically correct BULLSHIT the country is fed DAILY by these socialist morons, God WILL eventually intervene and DESTROY this mockery that Satan has designed and foisted upon the world.  He and all of his minions will be destroyed – let no one mourn them!  They have dedicated themselves to destroying this world, so it’s fitting that they be destroyed along with it, prior to the revitalization promised in scripture.  Yes, it will be a sad day for them… also for those that tried to help them see, but, grief cannot be wasted on wilful disobedience.  They made their choice, now they must account for choices made and not made.

The speaker in this video knows the truth about this country and doesn’t allow himself to be browbeaten by dupes of political correctness.  To these, I simply say enjoy what little time you have left… you have been weighed in the balances and are found wanting!



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