Garbage Music Videos

A special edition for our moron friends out there…

I chose this film as an example of the ‘thinking’ that seems to dominate the web… videos posted that include the most heinous and gawd-awful bullshit music that totally dominates and RUINS whatever effect that the film was intended to convey.

But, we see that in every aspect of society, today, do we not?  On the streets, we have idiots blaring their crap music at full volume in their crappy, souped-up cars, (you know – the ones with the shitty-sounding resonators that only they think sounds cool) portable stereos, house units… you’ve seen and HEARD the types.  They seem to think that the rest of us love listening to their garbage… and that we think they’re cool or even FEAR them for their tough-sounding music.  Would that they could understand that we only LAUGH at their stupidity… but, when you’re stupid, I guess that’s asking quite a lot.

How many times have I skipped over a video, because, the host just HAD to include what he thought was a great music track!  Now, I include this video as an example of what I’m talking about, however, this simpleton was clever enough to have just enough jet noise coming through the crap music to keep you from turning off the sound or skipping over the film completely.  LOL… many YouTube hosts simply post a video with only their crap music for sound… those get turned off and down-voted real quick!

Well, despite all of the negative comments these videos generate, there doesn’t seem to be any significant reduction in these shitty videos being posted.  There are many dead-heads out there that seem to prefer listening to the shitty music than what the film has to offer… so why don’t they just look up the music somewhere else?

Garbage in – garbage out.  That’s our society, in a nutshell.


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