Social Decay = Moronic People

And it is a fact!  When you look at society in general, common sense has been hijacked by pure, unadulterated emotionalism.  People tend to overreact in even the most mundane of circumstances, never mind serious ones.  With the advent of technology and it’s labor-saving devices, people have learned less to rely on their own merit and intuition and have become consumer zombies.  Brainless, witless morons, living for pleasure and self-fulfillment.  As an example of the depths to which we have fallen, check out this video…

Just to elaborate, notice how in the bear video, the nature bunnies out for their “workout” encounter one of nature’s (NOT Mother Nature, as pagans have personified it!) ‘little’ surprises.  This is not the “Gentle Ben” that the Bambi crowd think bears are, this is a serious predator and it is checking out our two heroes to see if they are potential fare for his dinner.  When the threat abates, you can hear the IPhone chatter “Resume workout”, showing that these two Einstein’s are likely following some half-baked program and are unable to think for themselves on how to plan a simple nature outing.

Check out the couple huddling in the ruins of their tornado-destroyed house… for crying out loud, son, MAN UP!  Whining like a little bitch is not going to comfort your hysterical wife (hard to believe that there was a time when women stood alongside their men, repelling invaders!) and kids, when everything that they know is being hurled around like it was some kid throwing a tantrum with his LEGO.  Listening to this idiot whimpering away, you’d think that there was no such thing as homeowner’s insurance!  You’re alive, imbecile, what more you want?  “MY GOD… MY GOD…!!”  Funny thing is that they likely know nothing about God, just how to wear out His name, like all infidels do!

You watch anything on social media, these days, and you wonder how we have managed to get this far as a society without simply dying from sheer stupidity!  Of course, the reason that we are even alive is due to the fact that we have a benevolent creator that is unwilling that we be left to ourselves to perish in our ignorance and arrogant stupidity.  The self-important naysayers will always disagree, nevertheless, they are dead wrong and are simply choosing to be stupid.  With technology to help them along in those lines, it is a sure thing that they will remain in ignorance and darkness.

Technology, itself, is not a bad thing, but, the stupid of this world will always abuse it.  That’s why we have (in the bad driving videos) people paying homage to their devices instead of looking out for each other on the roads.  I see it every day, with every vehicle that I pass or passes me, there is at least one person in the vehicle doing what they shouldn’t be doing… playing with their phone… or themselves.

Yes, my friends, you can safely write off society as a whole, we’re a done deal.  Satan has managed to divert the majority of people’s attention from God to worship what He (God) has created or what they, themselves, have created.  The brain-dead of the world will pose a threat to anyone that they cross paths with, it is an inevitability that must be addressed.  Those brain-dead are comprised mostly of the self-important and self-righteous infidel, supposing that they are the enlightened ones and that they possess the key for our ultimate survival.  Well, if these videos and the general gist of the way that society is going is any indication, then they are simply wilfully stupid and unable to deduce reality!


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