Road Rage Another Sign of Decay

It’s no longer an isolated event.  It occurs daily, hourly, minute by minute.  Otherwise sane people lose it, it seems, once they get into a motor vehicle.  Everyone becomes an island… no one else matters.  It’s my business that counts and no one else’s.

Foot to the floor, jumping between lights and stop signs.  The much-vaunted fuel efficiency of today’s vehicles is moot due to the driving habits of most individuals.  Traffic lights contribute to road rage by bunching people up at intersections when they would otherwise have been evenly spaced apart on the roads.  Merely placing stop signs at places where one wishes to slow down traffic would be enough.  There would be no racing to beat the lights, everyone realizes that they are expected to stop, regardless.  The traffic light is one of the worst ideas ever for regulating traffic flow.

Vehicles are far too powerful, these days, for the average driver, especially women.  In my experience, not one in a hundred females know the limitations of their vehicle.  They are fed bullshit by salesmen whom are only interested in making a sale.  (And maybe something else!)  I see them every day, careening down the road doing TWICE the legal speed limit.  They are the most aggressive drivers out there, today.

The world is getting faster and faster.  Everyone is in a fucking hurry, these days.  I see this not ending anytime soon.  The Bible says that in the last days, people would be running to and fro and knowledge would increase.  Well, I see people running to and fro, however, I do not see people’s intelligence increasing at all.  It’s a sin to be idle… everyone MUST be busy at something.  It must all come to a grinding halt, some day.  It is written!



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