The Fag Agenda Becoming REAL… Deniers Take Note!

Here it is… let the deniers rant and rail, you’re silenced, once and for all!

These freaks ought o take comfort in that it will be God that will destroy them all in the end.  Otherwise, we would now have all the evidence that we need for systematically tracking all these aberrations down and eliminating them to preserve our race.

Society is basically a write-off, with most governments now in the back pockets of these deviants.  Personally, if I ever knew of plots to kill faggots and could do something to avert them, I wouldn’t.  Let nature take it’s course… but, since nature isn’t in control, (God is) I don’t have to dirty my hands.

Name me a town where fags aren’t the darlings of society.  Yes, it’s time this world was judged.


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