Typical Overreaction By Authorities


It’s a long way from the “Big Bill” policeman of those children’s readers back in the fifties and sixties!  Yes, today, we have shock troops replacing the kindly friend of citizens that never wore a gun and barely brandished his nightstick.  Nowadays, ANY situation that a fearful society has to confront is met with excess.  Such as here.

It’s been a long time coming.  Something like this doesn’t happen overnight, the self-proclaimed rulers of the world have been very busy cultivating a paranoiac society afraid of their own shadows and demanding of a quick and easy fix to their problems, both real and imaginary.  Unwilling to accept responsibility for their own well-being and safety, they entrust their security to the forces controlled directly by the Illuminati.

Something so menial as some strung-out drug addict threatening to off himself seems to draw a phalanx of ‘peace’ officers, when a level-headed “Big Bill” offering a sympathetic ear would likely accomplish more.  Seeing an army descending upon one is not conducive to any kind of cooperative response, yet this is how law enforcement operates, these days.  Overreaction seems to be the rule of the day in our culture.

The whole city is locked down over some domestic kerfuffle.  Well, it’s merely a sign of the times, something that any Christian knows must come to pass before all of this is settled, once and for all.

One response to “Typical Overreaction By Authorities

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