Scumbag Con Artist Abuses Dogs To Scam Suckers


Bennett and dogs

A certain low-life scumbag is using his YouTube account to scam money from sympathetic animal lovers by feigning their deaths and then posting videos of supposedly “grieving” animals for money, to help provide them (and, of course, him) with a new home.  I won’t post any of this creep’s videos here, either to glorify the piece of shit or help him profit by it.  Merely linking to this bastard is enough to leave one with a sense of feeling dirty with a need to wash.

Brett Bennett, a.k.a. “Brettvette 1” is collecting a large following of soft-hearted but soft-headed groupies that think that his wanderings with his dogs in public parks are anything but attempts by him to satisfy his not-so-subtle fetish for seeing animals fight.  The first video of his that I watched instantly revealed to me that something wasn’t legit.  This clown seems to glory in seeing animals in conflict and he goes out of his way to seek out other owners with their pets to try and instigate conflict between them and his dogs.  This pretentious piece of shit feigns admiration and concern for the dogs while secretly relishing the conflict that almost always develops when he maneuvers them into positions where they have no choice but to fight.

Bennett has a criminal past and there is some speculation he’s already done some time for his acts.  The scumbag still seems to be active, as I recently got a mocking comment from the turd, where he bragged about his abuse of animals.  He thinks he can’t be touched.  There are ongoing efforts to get this moron kicked off of YouTube, however, which this writer supports.  This isn’t the first time I’ve run up against assholes using YouTube to satisfy their unnatural urges and cravings.  They come in all shapes and sizes, ALL of them seeking to capitalize off of well-meaning dupes that are unable to see their true nature.  I recently blogged about one of these cretins operating a sleazy game-call business where animals are abused in order to sell a product and no doubt satisfy some hidden, perverse lust.

What one can do is simply not watch, follow, or otherwise support this piece of shit and allow his pool of supporters to dry up.  DO NOT send him money, it is the way he makes his living, conning people to give him a free ride.  An honest day’s work is beneath little Brett, he prefers that others work for him.  It’s all accomplished at the expense of his and other’s pets.  Boycott this creep and shut him down!

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