False Flags Ramping Up

Brussels Bomb

Time is getting short.  Satan’s agents, governments of the so-called free world, are working hard to establish their master’s one-world government in his last-ditch effort to supplant God as rightful sovereign over mankind.

When you read the comments associated with the video, (LiveLeak) you can gauge the growing anti-religious sentiment that the elitists are carefully cultivating in the world’s population.  They know well the nature of man and his innate disposition to fly to extremes.  Of course, this attack was carried out by agents working for the Illuminati.  People, however, being conditioned every day to accept whatever bullshit the government spoon-feeds them, will never accept any other version.

How quickly they forget the other times when the government lied to them and how easily they ignore the EVERY DAY OCCURENCE of politicians being caught red-handed in some nefarious affair.  The WMD’s that were most certainly being concealed inside Afghanistan and then never materialized, ONCE OUR TROOPS WERE WELL-ESTABLISHED WITHIN THE COUNTRY!  After all, they went there to get at these so-called threats… yeah, right!

People love being lied to, it seems.  They love to hate those that cannot defend themselves.  North America is positioned to fall under the elitist boot and all because the people are stupid.  What must happen must happen… and with the mentality that North Americans display, every day, in their attitudes toward those that oppose Israel, it cannot happen soon enough.  God punished those that were “stiff-necked” in Bible times and nothing has changed in that regard.

It’s time that the so-called “free world” got it’s ass handed to it.


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