Internet Trolls – Low/Non-paid Suckers

There’s one in every forum, usually operating under two or more accounts to make themselves look legitimate.  Take this video about a polar bear hunting a seal…



Notice the first one to surface in the comments.  It calls itself  “iain rickwood”.  The video deals with a perfectly innocuous subject, yet this opportunistic troublemaker will use any chance to spread his/her cancerous propaganda around.  Typically, these morons use bland, undeveloped and avatar-less accounts, not wanting to invest any effort into establishing a legitimate account that would take precious time away from their agenda of causing trouble and promoting discord among those that participate in the online discussion.

The government does employ trolls in their efforts to silence dissidents and nay-sayers and discredit those that they deem a threat.  Anyone that has spent any time online knows and has seen this.  Unfortunately, while it’s bad enough to know there are those that make their living from this, the worst and most annoying trolls are those that do the work for free, thinking that they are doing the country a service and that they are especially knowledgeable in matters.  These fools are not only playthings for the elitist, they are hindrances to justice ever being done.

This particular troll seems to be there to promote the lie that “climate change” is a legitimate concern.  While the term has morphed through many changes, each one to counter blows to it’s voracity and truthfulness, it remains the elitist lie that it was designed to be.  No doubt this idiot can adapt to many different venues and probably has several accounts, they all have a particular writing style and are easily recognized by those that have dealings with them on many occasions.

The best advice to anyone that patronizes these forums and encounters one of these twits is to IGNORE them – they HATE when people don’t acknowledge them.  Talk right over their heads.  They are there for the express purpose of getting attention, either positive or negative, it matters only that they have your attention.  After a few people pass them over they will move on, wanting to cover as much ground as they possibly can.  They will use any dirty tactic and call you every name in the book to get you going.  If that fails, guaranteed, they will soon leave.  They have no investment past that of pleasing their handlers or their own inflated ego.

Trolls aren’t tolerated here.  Comments are moderated and those that are here to disrupt don’t even get their comments aired.  Legitimate comments are always welcome, however, the primary purpose of this blog is to get the message OUT, not to farm for subscriptions or curry any recognition from other bloggers.  People can disagree and then leave.  Those that wish to argue will never get the chance.  They are cut off at the knees, every time.

Not all forums have this policy of beasting trolls and pay the price for it.  So this is how to treat them whenever they show their face-less avatars and try to stir the pot.  Thet are not worthy of your time and they will vaporize right before your eyes, returning to that netherworld of anonymity and mediocrity they originated from.


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