Pervert Cop Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

Pervert Cop

As this story shows, one can never be too certain of the quality of justice in this society…


Aiden Arthur Pratchett is merely one that they caught.  One has to wonder also just how many lawyers and judges are hiding something in the bowels of their personal computers!

On this blog we deal with corruption in the highest places, though we sometimes forget that it’s these lower echelon that have the most direct influence upon us.  If we cannot trust these people, who says that we can trust those that are higher above them and in positions of greater immunity from prosecution?

Well, in the end, we all have to bear responsibility for the choices that we make.  Mr. Pratchett hasn’t done anything that a great percentage of us haven’t done or have thought about doing.  It’s when they prosecute others for doing what they do is when they cross the line into hypocrisy of the first order.  This is something that our so-called leaders in government are all too apt at doing.



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