The Not-So-New Lying-Assed Order

Many smug self-assured, self-absorbed folk will watch this and laugh.  They think that their beloved government would never harm them!  There are references to various incidents and individuals that even Sgt. Dyer makes that shows that even he has been duped by the elitist forces supposedly guarding our lives and interests.

The facts are that those that really run things behind the backs of their chosen puppets (No, no… YOU don’t get ANY say in who gets into office!) do not give a rat’s ass about ANY of us and they will discredit and/or kill and otherwise remove any threat that they perceive to their agenda.  There have been numerous instances of this throughout the history of North America, particularly the United States, and these will not cease anytime in the future… at least not on their own or by and through any effort on our part.

One other video I had originally planned to post on gun control – citing the school shootings – (planned and executed by the government) shows how the government controls the population through fear.  Today, it’s a bogeyman called ISIS.  It’s predecessor was al Quada.  Both are CIA and NSA contrivances.  They are useful tools in helping to keep certain wars going and fueling public paranoia.

I can understand how the generations that followed those that originally settled this land and developed it are more cowardly and lazy than their predecessors and are incapable of growing the balls necessary to resist the government and it’s enforcers after allowing it to grow and fester to the point that it has.  However, all that any of us really have to do is to STOP LISTENING TO THE BULLSHIT PROPAGANDA FORCED DOWN OUR THROATS BY THE CORPORATE CONTROLLED MEDIA, EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY!!!  Is that really so hard?  To just IGNORE the boob-tube and the radio and listen to your common sense when it tells you: “Something just doesn’t smell right in all of this!”

Fact is we are lazy, complacent, smug, arrogant, and above all STUPID!  We prefer being kept and caged herd animals rather than to be what God intended us to be… upright and straight moral entities created in HIs image!  Satan wants to erase all vestiges of God in us and he does this by enslaving us.  The fools that think that they run the world are merely serving an angel that would kick them to the curb just as readily as they do it to us when it suits them.

Sgt. Dyer is another example of what happens to a sheep that grows tired of the paddock and wishes to leave.  The reason that the elitists can get away with what they do is because the rest of the sheep will do NOTHING to help… merely stand around like the stupid herd animals that they are!

Well, the “New World Order” is nothing new.  It has been in existence since the day it was first attempted, back in the days of Nimrod, the first would-be world dictator.  God, Himself, overthrew Nimrod and his master and the entire world became what it is, today… a confused and disorganized paddock of herd animals.  Men have always strove to unite under one single world government and have always been thwarted by God.  The fools that comprise those “elite”, today, are fighting a losing battle.  They can’t win and their boss is powerless to help them.  Both will be destroyed, eventually.  Rest assured, though, until that time, they will continue to do their utmost to fuck with us and make our lives miserable.

Society must refuse to believe any longer the elitist lie that man is the sole determiner of his destiny.  Return to God… or perish!  That’s all there is to it.


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