PC – The Language of The “Minimally Exceptional”

In our never-ending battle with the stupid, here’s the ex-George Carlin laying it all out for y’all…

You know… it’s all well and good to laugh at the morons of this world.  But, it’s awful sad, too, to think that these cretins can’t formulate a SINGLE rational thought on their own.  How is it that common sense so successfully eludes these fools?

These are the playthings of the super rich… those that have determined that we in the lower social strata are only fit to be herd animals.  Unfortunately, admittedly, they would seem to be right in this regard.  We really do behave like lower forms of life.

We have bought, hook, line and sinker, all of their bullshit wares.  Evolution, political correctness, materialism, and all of those things that have tended to halt our progression toward a better existence.  Our youth, today, can’t formulate a logical thought.  They can’t read or spell… their knowledge of history ( a special target for the elitists) is practically non-existent.  Geography… LOL!

I’ve seen the youth of today in action… or IN-action, more correctly.  You have to be with them ALL the time, they do not know how to operate on their own or make decisions on their own.  Foresight is an alien concept to them.  Consequences that come from bad actions are always a surprise to them.  They think that they’re invincible!

Fortunately, for those few rational among us, this PC thing will die out… eventually.  Unfortunately, for the politically correct, life will tune them up and rather abruptly.


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