Missed Target

The word “sin” is an old archer’s term for missing the mark.  That’s what happened when the would-be patriot did a drive-by on a group of Syrian refugees in Vancouver, this week.  See story.

Actually, he should have targeted the Israeli embassy as it is this corrupt nation that is bringing the world the immigrant problem, seeking to drive all Muslims from what they consider their personal property given to them by God, vilifying them at every opportunity.  While Canada needs these hordes of displaced victims of Zionist persecution like a hole in the head, they still are not to blame for what Jews are propagating all over the globe.

Many people are starting to see the truth behind 9/11 and how Zionists were the true perpetrators of the attacks on New York and other points, so the latest wars against the enemies of fascism are becoming less popular… so Israel needs the type of dupe that carried out this latest attack even more to keep the momentum of hate going.  Israel is the mother of all racism, they consider themselves as the elite of the world and have never apologized for that.

People need to stop and ask themselves why is it that Israel and Jews are hated all over the world and have been for millennia.  Do you think it’s just coincidence that these have been singled out for the pure hell of it?  There is a reason for this animosity against “God’s chosen ones” and it isn’t because they haven’t worked hard at garnering that disrespect.

When you have a people that have been kicked out of pretty well every nation at one time or another, all throughout history, on a fairly consistent basis, it has to tell you something… if you’re the thinking type, that is.  If you’re into hype and fashion and fad and being politically correct, well, it probably isn’t a good time to start growing a brain as these days are all about hype and fad and fashion and being politically correct.

The amount of money that freeloading Israel takes in every year from developed countries is staggering.  This is all out of some morbid feeling of guilt due Israel’s much-touted and consistent whining about being the world’s most persecuted people and all of the supposed wrongs that have been dealt them… and, of course, they are God’s chosen ones… like anyone, today, gives a rat’s ass what God thinks.

Muslims. like Christians, are feeling the brunt of Satan’s attacks as organized paganism slowly takes over the world.  The politically correct shit-for-brained masses have no clue as to who they are following.  All those that profess no religious inclination are confirmed pagans, which is a religion all it’s own.  Their master the devil rules over them with a rod of iron and they dare not resist.  They will follow their master till the bitter end, which, hopefully, will be soon.  When the day comes when you have a brown faggot and his cross-dressing ‘wife’ in the Whitehouse, how much lower can you go as a “God-fearing nation”?

God will not miss His target – all of those that seek to destroy humanity and those that enable them.  He won’t be dousing them with pepper spray, either!


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