Nutjobs Protest Show

By the way… HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The self-righteous animal rights morons are seeking to hold Saskatoon businesses hostage as they continue on in their insane agenda of vilifying hunters all over the world.  Read this story.


Yes, the insane group that call themselves animal activists have absolutely NO CLUE as to what constitutes proper conservation.  These deluded folk, having been raised on Walt Disney shows that show fluffy and cute animals talking and displaying other human characteristics, have a distorted view of animals and the reality of their existence.  In their insulated bullshit world, there are no bad endings, only fluffy-wuffy ones where everyone is happy for ever and ever and ever.  After a time, these cretins cannot differentiate between reality and fiction!

But, back to reality… the REALITY is that we live in a world that is growing smaller and smaller and wildlife are finding themselves being pushed into ever-shrinking corners of the geography.  Proper game management is a must.  This is what concerns governments and not what a certain animal looks like or what some croissant-munching, herb tea-slurping hipster might think of them as.

Your typical Starbucks bicycle path enthusiast, laden with baby and natural fibers-only backpack are not capable of judging what is best for animals when their entire world view is based upon Disney movies.

This latest assault is geared to attack hunters IN GENERAL… don’t let their double-talk fool you!  They might say that they are targeting trophy hunters, when actually they want to ban hunting in general as well as take away ALL guns from private ownership.  The mind of a fascist really isn’t hard to fathom or predict.  They are selfish beasts that care only about THEIR feelings.

I would encourage all who read this to support businesses that resist these tyrants.  In fact, boycotting all the coffee shops and bistros that harbor these cretins would go a long way to taking the fight back to these morons.  Also, lobby your local politicians to veto any proposed venues that appeal to the ultra-liberal hippy-types that love to supplant and undermine our society.

Also… try shooting as a sport!


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