Merry Pagan Funfest!

Pagan Tree

If you can find “Christ” in any of the Mess (Mass) we celebrate every December 25, you’re doing better than I am.  Many enlightened people know of it’s true pagan origins and how it was adopted by ignorant Christians as their own.  Most see it as a consumer feeding frenzy.  I simply appreciate the time off from work that it affords.

My advice is to use it to good advantage.  Get in touch with those that used to be important in your lives.  Refrain, just for a few hours, from flipping off that inconsiderate asshole that just cut you off in traffic.  Buy that bum on the sidewalk a meal… physically take him in and feed him, don’t give him the money and trust he’ll use it properly!  Et cetera.

Yeah, I could burn up a few lines schooling y’all on just how much God hates this insult to His sovereignty, however, turn this pagan holiday on it’s head and do something for the Master in spite of the old devil.



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