Remember 1605


This old world has been wracked by one form of conspiracy after another.  Why, then, is it so hard to believe in them?  Empires and nations have risen and fallen with them and this is a fact of life that many are choosing to ignore.

People laugh when they hear of conspiracy.  What they are doing is slighting the mercies of a compassionate God that tries to educate and warn society that they are not, nor have ever been truly free, at least not in the way that think they are free.  The fact is that there are people in this world with influence and power that do not hesitate to use those capabilities to gain a foothold above the rest of us, even though it be at the cost of our lives.  This is the fate of those that place their faith in their own abilities and not in those of an omnipotent creator Whom is more than able to grant them what they truly need.

Want and desire frequently supersede need.  The young are not trained to distinguish between these things and grow into rebellious slaves of Mammon.  This is the root of all the unhappiness in the world and nothing is going to change on it’s own.

Happily, this world will not be allowed to destroy itself and it’s subjugators will be dealt with.  Only God has this ability and right.



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