The Truth About Our Sovereignty

But, first things first… watch the video…

It is truth that we as free moral agents created in the image of the Almighty ARE sovereign.  We are all of us princes and princesses-elect, to the coming kingdom of God.  Somehow, some folk have taken this to an extreme that is not only endangering their lives and those of their loved ones, it is besmirching the name and character of the Creator.

It is truth that we all have infinite worth, so much so that trying to place a dollar amount upon ourselves amounts to sheer futility… though that fails to deter many folk whom look at this whole issue from a very slanted and warped perspective.

I have found, in my personal encounters with “sovereigns” that mammon plays an all too common role in the motives and actions of said persons.  I do not agree that we as sovereign people of God need to force ourselves upon others or engage in premature and/or unnecessary conflicts with ourselves or others not of our group.  This would violate their rights as fellow citizens of this planet and create problems for ourselves that God really doesn’t want us to have to deal with.

When we willingly place ourselves upon the enemy’s ground, God usually doesn’t intervene.

Don’t look for trouble, it comes easily enough.


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