A Nation of Crybabies

This is what I mean…

This news story is typical of many news stories these days.  While it’s sad that a young life is lost, probably for absolutely no good reason, (probably texting while driving, I see it all the time as a professional on the road) the penchant to deluge counsellors upon the friends and survivors of accident victims is becoming epidemic.

No wonder that we have the whiny, lazy, ill-tempered and bad-mannered youth that we have.  Every single whim is catered to and they never learn to deal with trials without somebody holding their hand.  Former generations never had this ridiculous counselling and they survived quite well, thank you!

Actually, why can’t the family look after it’s own?  Why do outsiders always have to horn in on what should be a private and intimate affair?  The government is always looking for ways to intrude upon our lives and is making the natural and wholesome responsibility of family members not only an illegal thing, but an immoral thing!  Nobody takes anything seriously, anymore, unless it has the government’s stamp of approval on it.

We are becoming a nation of wimps and crybabies, seeking comfort at the government tit!



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