There Shall Be War and Rumors of War…

The old Bible maxim remains true.  Every single day, we hear of some new atrocity to keep us all paranoid and afraid to come out from under the bed.  As one commenter puts it… “…the worst thing the gullible public can do is listen to government sponsored and controlled media”…

Facts are that the general public just are not equipped to handle weightier matters of government and the assimilation of information.  As a whole, we are just not sophisticated enough.  Continually kept down and busy just trying to eke out an existence in this nutty world does not lend itself toward any kind of personal development beyond training ourselves to be good workers and consumers.

The elitists have won.  We are totally enslaved as a society.  A few of us can still think for ourselves, but, it does little good when everyone else is stampeding around you.  There are still those that cling to the hope that society can find a way to work out it’s own problems and solve them on it’s own.  I, however, gave up on that thinking decades ago and so far, no one has proven me wrong in this.

The solutions to man’s problems lay outside of any efforts that he might make.  When the problem lies within the psyche of the individual, that problem will go wherever the individual goes, controlling everything that the individual does and thinks.

We are a FUBAR world and it will not help to continually place our faith in the workings of man… but, as a collective, it is possible to survive as kept slaves.  Surviving as opposed to actually LIVING, however, remains the issue… with me.


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