Political Correctness Monster Loose Again!

Yep, it’s out again!  That crazy old beast political correctness is out and terrorizing a once-free society with all of it’s brain-dead adherents, unsatisfied with all of the carnage that it has caused all these previous years… check out the latest lunacy, here.

I have to add this little ditty for those of my readers that do not understand links: whenever I refer to here, (underlined text) that means if you point to that word and click on it, it will go whatever source I have provided.  I know, it’s old hat to seasoned interneters, however, some new to the tubes do not understand this concept.  It’s just a fast and convenient way to redirect people to whatever source or authority you need for your story.

Anyway, getting back to this story… yes, it seems that the lunacy just never ends where political correctness is concerned.  We all of us thought that it was maybe a passing thing… clearly, this is not the truth.  It seems this is a cancer that is here to stay.  Now, some other minority group has their panties in a knot over names.  It seems there will always be a core group of crazies to continually harangue society and ensure that we never have any peace in the land.

Last year, some Indians were having kittens over a local university team using a native term as a title for their club.  As usual, one particularly outspoken individual was leading out in the fight, some crazy politically correct racist bitch that was dividing her time between whining about the team’s choice of titles and bitching about the generally evil nature of the white man.  Of course, she wasn’t being racist, only white people are racist… to the politically correct, anyway.

People just need to ignore these shitheads, they’re all clearly unbalanced and should be institutionalized.  There is one dumb anti-theist bastard headquartered in one of our larger centres that never fails to rant about Christmas and how it should be done away with, because, as he puts it, it offends him as a non-believer to see signs of a religious nature on city buses wishing people good cheer in the holiday season!  This tells you a lot about the type of individual we’re dealing with!  I’ve personally locked horns with this nut and I can tell you he’s definitely certifiable.  Even other atheists think he’s a nut and that’s saying something!

I accept that we shall always have the crazies with us in this world and that it will get a helluva lot worse before things get better, but, I think it’s high time that these fools be forced to account for the silly and needless litigation that they often spawn over their frivolous machinations.  Make an example of a few of these idiots and maybe that will deter others from being public nuisances.  After all, it’s our money that these buttheads are squandering… NONE of them foot their own legal bills.  Make them pay their own way and you’ll see a marked drop in cases of this nature.

All of this insanity is possible in a socialist construct like the one that we have.  In a system that rewards inefficiency and criminality and laziness, what else can one expect?



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