The Fag Saga of Bullshit Continues…

The homosexuality cult is going strong… now they’re countering a long-standing argument they couldn’t (can’t) prevail against, with outright lies…

It’s the same with the evolution crowd, years of biding their time has enabled even their small, diseased brains time to formulate some kind of cock-and-bull story to advance their deviant views.  It can only get worse, folks!

It must be the height of arrogance and narcissism that makes deviants imagine that we want to be like them!  Who in bloody hell wants to be a sickly, disease-ridden bag of shit like most hard core homosexuals are, preying on an already burdened medical system?  Their influence in courts of law and legislatures tells us that they already curry the favor of politicians seeking votes.

Yep, fags have it pretty good in the land… for now, anyway.  There aren’t enough barbed wire fences around to hang them on, but, there’s a thing called the judgment that will see it to that they get their proper due.

Till then, we’re going to have to endure these freaks… more or less.

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