Zionists The True Bigots

We’re seeing more and more of this kind of bullshit…


I can’t go anywhere, these days, without hearing about the big bad Muslims… and I’m getting sick of it!

The Zionist Illuminati has done it’s work well, programming the brainless retards in our society to think that it’s all the fault of Muslims that the world is the shithole that it is.  Go into any coffee shop and you’ll hear them talking about how something should be done and that all Muslims should be nuked and yadda, yadda, yadda… it gets fucking tiring listening to all these no-brains go on and on and on and on and on, when they haven’t clue one what it is they’re talking about.

The latest idiocy is this preoccupation with ISIS.  What or who is ISIS?  It’s the same game we played with Al Qaeda… the terrorist group that, low and behold, turned out to be just another wing of the CIA!  Guess what?  ISIS is no different!

ISIS will turn out to be yet another covert group spawned by the criminal Zionists to try and place blame upon Muslims and to divert attention away from the REAL perpetrators of all of the wrong-doing, which are the Zionist Jews, i.e. the Rothschild-led international banking cartel.  For more on this read here.

People, DO NOT FIXATE on the news for your information, they are BOUGHT AND PAID FOR by the Illuminati.  Right now, it’s open season on Muslims with darling Israel absolved of any and/or all possible wrong-doing.  Israel can travel the world and invade any sovereign country that they choose and murder anyone that they suspect is unfriendly toward them, and no one says boo about it.  Israel can shoot down airliners and attack allied warships WITHOUT accountability, because, THEY are “God’s chosen ones” and no one says boo to any of it!  Most of Hollywood and nearly all of social media is Jewish controlled and NOBODY seems to be able to put two and two together.

Like why is it that Israel is UNIVERSALLY hated?  Is that just COINCIDENCE?

People need to get their heads out of their asses and actually start to question why it is that Israel receives so much money in foreign aid yet seems unable to defend herself without begging for money from her so-called ‘friends’?  And THIS is the thanks we get…

Now, I can’t get this message across to people that I know in the real world, offline, they simply do not have the interest in searching out truth for themselves, they prefer to let the elitist-controlled media spoon-feed them bullshit, 24/7.  I’m sure that some of you enlightened readers have the same problem with your dead-end friends.  This is a burden that I’m afraid we shall always have.  Until people get it through their heads that they have to educate themselves, NOTHING will ever change, they will continue to be the ignorant asses that they are, led about by their noses by the Jewish elite.

The message that the Illuminati is trying to get across to the masses is that they can expect more and more terror attacks and that it is the Muslims that are to blame.  The Zionists did 9/11 and guess who got the blame for that?  Our stupid politicians are all in bed with Israel and that isn’t going to change.  But, we do not have to allow ourselves to be led about like sheep, any longer.

Time to grow some balls and tell the Zionist whack-jobs to go fuck themselves!



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