Remembrance Day ‘Etiquette’


Here’s how to wear your poppy properly.

Here’s a better idea… forget the whole thing!  Not too patriotic, huh?  How is perpetuating war through it’s remembrance and worship (through so-called patriotism) being patriotic?  How is making rich bastards even richer by sacrificing your children to fight in their fucking wars, patriotic?  Invading and subverting foreign nations that don’t have a hope of reaching you in yours, patriotic?  Believing the lies of scheming politicians and their banker bosses is patriotic?

Society has fallen hard for the schemes of the devil.  Every November 11th, we get a booster shot of this so-called patriotism so that the elitists can always count on a fresh supply of bodies and money to keep their wars of acquisition and domination going.  The new world order these psychotics are fashioning depends on the gullibility and personal sacrifice of every citizen.  In our ignorance, we are enabling our own slavery.

To me, it’s a day off from slaving for the bankers, nothing more.  It has nothing to do with the sacrifice of our gullible and well-meaning soldiers, it’s all about the accumulation of wealth by the wealthy.  It’s a tool for the further exclusion of us from their society.  I will spend the day either alone or with like-minded people that can see past the emotional aspect of this to the dark purpose that it really serves.

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