Get Ready For A Ride…

… straight into hell!

Well, we now have a new government.  New, in the sense that the faces have changed, whilst the agenda remains the same… to fuck up the country and drive us all into deeper and deeper debt and slavery.  Trudeau will now take up where Jean Cretien left off and reinstitute the failed gun registry, the long form census, place know-nothing immigrants and God-hating dykes and fags in government offices and generally fuck things up for everyone… with the Illuminati banksters ultimately profiting from it all.

Our moronic citizenry, accustomed to being kept as herd animals, saw to it that another election was railroaded.  All, save about five percent of the population, have absolutely no business voting.  The reasons they vote like they do are based upon nothing resembling careful thought, only emotions and whim.  Many vote to spite a certain individual, some say they just feel a change is in order… like they were on some sort of shopping trip or ordering in a restaurant or something.  Others vote with their penises and vaginas… none are politically savvy or competent to judge what’s right for their country.  It’s like handing a loaded revolver to a kid.

One thing is certain, the ‘new’ government will not keep a fraction of it’s promises and will obey their Zionist masters’ orders in subverting the Canadian economy.  They have already driven the US into an insane multi-trillion dollar hole, the bumbling black homosexual retard named “Obama” their prize pit bull.  The idiot runs off to every war that they start and wrings the needed money and manpower to accomplish these missions out of an increasingly gullible and meat-headed public.

Is THIS what we want for Canada?  We are well on our way to this situation that the Americans have allowed to happen to themselves.  When all that matters to a brain-dead public is what sports shows are on and where the nearest beer is, you can write that society off.  We asked for this shit to fall on us and by God, we’re going to get what’s coming to us!


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