Moron Of The Week 2

Our latest installment of “Moron of The Week” is:

This is the result of over-indulgence and of modern society’s reluctance to discipline.  Citizens are encouraged by the brain-dead ultra-liberal left to squeal on each other and report when children are rightfully disciplined by their parents.  Schools are not allowed to discipline, nor are they allowed to fail students as everyone is equal in their minds.  Too bad, though, that employers do not share that view and will immediately dismiss the first fuck-up that fails to perform.

Oh the irony!  That the ultra-liberal left should subscribe to evolutionary teaching that survival of the fittest is and has always been the prerogative of blind chance and arbitrary nature and not special design, then they contradict their own teaching by going against that rule and determining that even inferior models be given every chance to succeed… even at the expense of those with true potential and the will to perform!


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