Common Sense Prevails…


The hapless pawn in all of this…

… for now, anyway.  The government of Zimbabwe will not charge the Minnesota dentist in the LEGAL killing of “Cecil”, a 13 year-old male lion, last July.  Animal rights nuts and other politically correct idiots have been stirring up resentment and animosity against the hunter ever since he returned home, even going so far as to threaten the lives of him and his family.

What needs to happen is that these morons be held accountable for their threats and locked up!  It’s too easy for these fools, many of them merely riding along to gain some kind of sick and perverted self-aggrandizement and attention, to make threats without accountability.  All so-called “animal rightists” should be charged and made to do restitution… and as most of them are students and unemployed bums and welfare recipients, they should have their benefits cut off.

Having dealt with many of these fools online and in many forums, I can vouch for the fact that they are at least as violent as the worst in society.  Unbalanced and unthinking, these cretins give equal status to animals, even going beyond that which is normally ascribed to human beings.  These dummies have lost all sense of reality and should be prosecuted for their criminal threats against the life and property of Walter Palmer.

The brain-dead faction comprising the eco-freak, tree-hugging, animal rights camp will never quit until they are made to realize that they are not the authority in the land.  The dentist followed all the rules and they need to keep their snotty noses OUT of the business of other nations.

In the past, it’s been animal rightists that have been responsible for the suffering of animals, due to their interference.  A few years ago, many animals were released from a lab in the UK, only to fall victim to a harsh environment and other predators, once loose.  The nut jobs responsible claimed they were being abused, yet their solution was to practically guarantee their deaths by releasing them into an unfamiliar and incompatible environment.  A perfect example of the ignorance that eco-nuts all share with regard to the proper welfare and care of animals.

Know of any of these retards that participated in the persecution of Walter Palmer?  Plaster their names all over every available social medium… make sure these twits get the publicity they desired for Palmer!  If I find any, their names will be published here, without fail!


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