Homosexuality Is NOT Normal!


The politically correct would have you believe that homosexuality is merely a higher stage in the development of civilized society.  This revelation, however, comes THOUSANDS of years after established, normal society’s continual and consistent promotion and practice of heterosexuality, the former a comparative infant alongside what we most of us know constitutes any normal and decent and advanced society.

Any moral society is a threat to an impending oligarchy.  Those “New World Order” advocates know that for their power to be realized, they have to destabilize society in order to pave the way for their so-called alternatives.  Our society was founded upon certain moral principles, principles that do not recognize or condone deviant behavior.  It has only been within the last 50 years or so that homosexuality has been able to crawl out from under the rock that it has been forced to keep hidden under.  Up to this time it has always been recognized for being the foul thing that it is and soundly defeated whenever it dared rear it’s evil head.

But now, a whole new generation has been weaned upon the politically correct notion that homosexuality is a normal function of not only a civilized society, but of nature, as well.  This is, of course, utter bullshit!

Playing straight into the hands of the elitists, ultra-left humanist dupes continue to rant and rave and suppress those that would correct them in their delusions.  They flatter themselves that, like their mother Eve, they have somehow entered upon some higher state of awareness by embracing the doctrines of devils.  As time goes on, the deviants get braver and braver, feeling it’s now quite safe to “come out”.  When they do come out, it’s with a vengeance!  Anyone that has stood up to their near-constant bullying and intimidation and ever-willingness to engage in litigation in courts of law, knows well the vindictive character of these sexually depraved fanatics.  Given the upper hand, they would destroy society.

Whether from a Christian standpoint or an atheist’s, homosexuality occupies no sensible or logical position in either construct.  It is simply a vice, nothing more… a vice strongly condemned by God and by any developed and moral society.


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