Dumbass Eco-Freak Opposes Speaker With Sense

A “controversial” speaker is speaking tonight at a local institute of ‘learning’… read about it here.

One particular public nuisance, David Henry, a board member on a local board of public nuisances, opposes Patrick Moore, former public nuisance, spewing the typical rounds of rhetorical bullshit that public nuisances of his ilk spew on a regular basis.  Bullshit along the lines of saying 90 percent of the world’s scientists are all on board the climate change train wreck.  Well, the FACTS are that 90 percent of the world’s scientists were either NOT consulted or REJECTED as authorities or FLAT-OUT REFUSED to help spread the Illuminati’s bullshit eco-drivel.

Dupes like Henry will never tell you that little ditty… because they’re too stupid to have an opinion of their own, they allow the elitists to control their tiny minds.  Half of these activists are gay, too, and we all know how fanatical THAT crowd is!

Time to hear from someone that actually knows what the fuck he’s talking about and can address the brain-dead activist sect’s bullshit musings with confidence and authority…

Lord Monckton regularly schools eco-tards in facts, something that they aren’t accustomed to doing or hearing.  Isn’t it amazing how he easily dismantles the eco-tard’s castle of misinformation and rhetoric?  Her boat of lies and innuendo goes straight to the bottom of the sea of bullshit they regularly float upon, right alongside those of her elitist mentors, fools like Al Gore and David Suzuki… the latter being a burned-out drug freak and misogynistic hippy/hypocrite.

More Monckton kicking ass!

Readers… climate change is a farce dreamed up by super-rich Jewish assholes interested in stymieing the growth and progress of white CHRISTIAN North American society.  It’s time that we started resisting these fascists and perhaps throwing a few of these leeches out of this country on their hook-nosed asses!

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