LMAO… Here’s Another One!


Professional handwringers in action…

Yep… another school shooting!  This time, it’s different… no little kids getting plugged, we’re going after bigger game, this time!

Well, like all the others, I’m sure this one is being played for it’s dramatic, demoralizing effect.  The two handwringers pictured above are probably paid actors – the media just LOVES this shit!  It’s all over hell, about now, and tomorrow, every media outlet is going to incessantly drill us on how this ‘lone shooter’ fucked up in his life and took some evil guns (which probably made him even evil-er) and went out and slaughtered our nation’s finest sheep… I – I mean, citizens, in the flower of their lives.  Again, it’s always a lone white male that’s to blame… it’s open season on white people… but, that’s another story.

I’m going without sleep, wanting to get in on the mad rush to get an opinion up and running on this business, having stumbled across it while perusing other matters online.  I’m sure it will be the usual media circus and the anti-gun crowd will be foaming at the mouth: “SEE??? THAT’S THOSE EVIL GUNS FOR YOU!!!”

It’s gone beyond laughable, now, actually becoming quite sickening.  For me, the time for debate is over.  You can’t reach the stupid in their folly, you merely ignore them and move on with your life… and my live involves firearms.  They’ll just have to deal with that as they crunch their croissants and flatbreads and slurp their $10 lattès, whilst planning new bicycle paths and walkways through their suburban retreats.

The illuminati want our guns as they are a direct threat to their overt authority.  Think I’m lying?  Think again!  As usual, the head darkie gives his input on matters.  Stupid, dumb-assed ignorant sheep are ready to hand them all over to them.  Notice how in the story the ‘hostages’ feel like a “huge burden was lifted” from them when the armed Gestapo got to them?  Preconditioning to the sight (and worship) of a uniform paying off big time, there!  The school was, as always is, on lockdown… see where all of this shit comes into play, EVERY single time one of these farces goes down?

Reader, if you’re looking for some kind of intellectual treatise arguing the gun issue, here, you can forget it.  There’s been too much debate already, and the moronic liberal left still aren’t getting it.  We’ll just continue to keep tabs on the elitists and their unsuspecting minions, waiting for the “big one” where some national crisis is installed to facilitate removing the rest of our rights and freedoms.  It’s coming… merely a matter of time.

Here’s some more reading for your enjoyment and entertainment.  The nutters are waxing thick and heavy in the world… educate yourself!


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