The Supernatural At Work

Oil and New World Order magnate, David Rockefeller, has recently undergone his SIXTH heart transplant… AT THE AGE OF 100 YEARS!


David Rockefeller

According to sources, this undead relic was talking to reporters only 36 hours after the procedure… WHAT THE FUCK???

What power attends a 100 year-old man that he is able to withstand major trauma to his body in the form of open heart surgery?  People not even half his age succumb to far less complicated surgeries all over the land, yet this monstrosity was reportedly up and jogging a week after his first transplant in 1976… this latest one is his SIXTH!  He’s also had two kidney transplants, if you please!

People laugh at conspiracy theorists when they say that the super rich are in daily contact with and worship satanic forces, yet here we have very conclusive proof that this is so.  Come on… a 100 year-old man undergoing major open heart surgery and then talking about it only a few hours later?  A man his age just SURVIVING the procedure is highly suspect all by itself!

There are other possibilities, though, given the opulence of the man, who obviously has greater access to the latest and most innovative medical resources than the majority of us have – resources that we have never heard of or ever will.  His team of “private surgeons” operated on him at one of his private dwellings… how chic is that?!  For most of us, getting medical help is only possible after a long and arduous process of scheduling appointments and sitting on waiting lists.  The herd doesn’t have the same privilege the herdsman does!

It has been postulated for years that the super rich have access to advanced technology and the possibility that their bodies are controlled by supernatural entities, imbibing their enormous strength and vitality, cannot be ignored.  One demon could empower this old curmudgeon with more stamina than an Olympic athlete could ever attain over a lifetime of training.  Ol’ Rocky once jested (?) “I plan to live to be two hundred!”  I wonder if that statement is really that far-fetched?

Longevity is a trait in the Rockefeller family, with many of them living well into their nineties.  A billionaire’s lifestyle could be conducive to longer life and greater health than what those that have to bend their backs to eke out a living could ever hope for.  Granted, there is a price for longevity…


John D. and Son

David’s father, while living well into his nineties, looked like death warmed-over and his son hasn’t faired any better in the LOOKS department.  But, something has been driving this family from the days when John D’s bigamist father was selling snake oil to the rubes along the Canadian border.  The supernatural world is something that today’s oh-so-scientific-and-sophisticated, self-assured society ignores very well… at their peril.  The oligarchs that comprise the unseen movers and shakers of this world not only recognize these fallen beings, they worship them!  While for now, the fringe benefits are apparent in the lives of their dupes, such as David Rockefeller, the time will come when his usefulness… like was the case with his father and their ancestors and all those mighty men of history… will be through and they will be cast to the elements.

What we have here is conclusive proof that things are not as they should be.  Let it be a warning that there is far more to this world than what is apparent to the eye… forces that we cannot even begin to understand or defeat!


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