Homosexuals Enjoy Unprecedented Popularity

… for now, anyway…

The comment section on this video is pretty hilarious.  We still have those ignoramuses arguing that because a certain group or individual such as these “Foo Fighters” (what they used to call UFO’s) are not SPECIFICALLY mentioned in scripture, then it cannot pertain to those that engage in sexual deviancies like homosexualism, even though the latter IS specifically mentioned as abhorrent to God and that homosexuals will never gain eternal life.  This is made very plain by scriptures like Leviticus 18:22 and, for those that like to knock the Old Testament as being redundant, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10.  There are many more references to this fact, but, those shall suffice to silence those that maintain that there is absolutely NO reference to the abomination in the Bible AT ALL.

These bank on the fact that most people do not read scripture for themselves, preferring to allow complicit and backslidden ministers to interpret the Bible for them, being too lazy and indifferent to bother with doing it themselves.  The idea that everything is permissible as long as no one gets hurt (as far as they can tell, anyway) is pretty much sweeping the country.  Right and wrong dissolve into simply a matter of one’s perspective.

Here in this video, we have a group of zealots parading against the abomination of homosexuality, being mocked by truckloads of perverts, supported by the non-thinking public.  Ignorance is not going to save these people, whom scarcely realize how they are being used by the militant fags as pawns in a much larger conspiracy that is going to see these dupes robbed of every individual right and freedom for simply thinking the wrong way.  The deconstruction of the family unit has undergone attacks by the feminist and fag community for years.  The basic idea is to destroy the male image and presence in the American family unit and replace it with a feminized and controllable ‘head’ of the household, diminishing the possibility of an aggressive reaction to their fascist aims.

When you have a bunch of ‘women’ running the country, those elitist MALE conspirators will find very little opposition standing between them and the oligarchy that they wish to establish!

While Westboro Baptist Church has engaged in some pretty aggressive actions against those that they perceive as enemies of God, they are nonetheless right in their assertions that God has essentially given up on America and will soon judge it’s people for the actions like those in the video.  You can do the touchy-feeley thing all you like and tell yourself that homosexuality is okay, it will never be okay with God.  He has stated this from the earliest times and has not changed His thinking… unlike man’s logic which changes from day to day and often on a whim.

For any faggots reading this, I cannot change what God has written.  You can do all the wishful thinking that you like, homosexuality will NEVER be okay with God.  The character of the faggot has never changed, being hostile and militant whenever in history that they have been allowed to gain a foothold in society.  Sodom and Gomorrah is an excellent example of a society that recognized faggots and their lifestyle as a legitimate lifestyle and they pretty much took over after a while.  Nowadays, faggots will sue on a whim anyone that crosses them or even if they THINK they have been crossed… and a politically correct judicial system will side with them nearly every time.  The way that they persecute and hound those that resist their tyranny is evident when they drive businesses to close their doors after having bled them dry through litigation.  These deviants have access to government money to fund their looney lawsuits, while honest straight people have to pay their own legal expenses.

If ever there was a time the world was ripe for destruction, it is NOW.  When the law panders to those that hate God and His people and society, it isn’t worth saving.  May that destruction come soon!


One response to “Homosexuals Enjoy Unprecedented Popularity

  1. Society has decayed to the point of no return when the ‘religion’ of anything goes reigns supreme. When morality becomes a matter of perspective, it’s a sign that the end is near… from any viewpoint.

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